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The Devil's Rejects (Unrated) Region 1 Review

Film - 5/5

Features - 5/5

Possibly the best DVD of 2005, this double disc, unrated edition of Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects is jam packed with goodies to send even the mildest fan into a frenzy! The film itself is beautiful on the home television set, and it sounds crisp aswell. There hasn’t been any cuts from the theatrical version of the film, which made me a happy camper. Alot of movies that come out on DVD are edited from the reel. Some scenes are cut shorter or are flat out deleted. The movie (like Kill Bill) was so good, it didn’t need special features, but believe me, it’s loaded.

Disc One

  • Commentary from Rob Zombie, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley & Sheri Moon Zombie
  • Bloopers
  • The Morris Green Show
  • The Captain Spaulding Commercials
  • “Cheerleader Missing” The Otis Driftwood home movie
  • Buck Owens music video
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Make-Up Tests
  • A Tribute To Matthew McGrory (RIP)
  • Stills
  • Trailers & TV Spots

    Disc Two is really cool. It’s a 144 minute behind the scenes documentary called “30 Days In Hell”.

wow, sounds promising, i hope the R2 release won’t be much diffrent

how is the commentary?

Hilarious. Sid Haig is the man.

Sid Haig IS the man indeed.

my rc1 will be here soon. the UK SE is identical with the US Widescreen SE

I have watched everything besides listen to the commentaries, I’ve been busy. But the documentary and everything else is great. A great dvd set for a great movie.

yeah rocks pretty much all the way