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THE COMPLETE Kill Bill soundtrack

i found some raoidshare links to the Complete Kill Bill soundtrack on the web(not rips from the actual “official” cd but the whole afair featuring all the rare sound bits from giallos or spagheti westerns) but they´re all inactive.

has anyone got a link for the download of the whole kb ost

i need it oh so bad cause i for example couldn´t find the soundtrack to Sergio Martinos

LO STRANO VIZIO DELLA SIGNORA WARDH anywhere(the main song from the film is used when bill talks to budd)

any help or links appreciated


I just bought the record of that! it has Dies Irae (M9), its very rare. when i get it on Cd format ill tell everyone, oh btw look at my list. i have alot of roberts score but im not updating it until i have dies irae on my itunes.

heres my Kill Bill song list, <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 550.0.html”>,9550.0.html</LINK_TEXT>