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The Commentary

I apologise/apologize for this if it’s already been discussed, but what a great commentary.

It’s been a long time since I listened to it, and I just did again today. It’s amazingly entertaining. I loved QT talkin about how he had all worked up in his mind what he’d do if he had to confront Harvey about giving up the lead. So weird/funny/scary. :o

Anyone else?

Ahh, ye old commentaire. Definitely one of my favs. Most of the great ones seem to come out of the early Laserdisc days…when it was all about getting the people together and just being able to watch the movie with, as opposed to today where it’s about how they can make the extra buck.

As a matter of fact the 2-disc DVD is actually my favourite set of all time…and I’m all about the DeeVeeDee. :wink: