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The Class

So I just saw the last Palme D’or winner, The Class. It was awesome. Shot in a very cinema verite style and with such excellent performances. The children were amazing.

Anyone else seen it yet?

Every French users of this board must have seen it, including me. The kids were great, I loved it when I saw it but afterwards I thought more about it. In a way, it’s too exagerated : the teacher is too nice, too understanding, the kids are supposed to be rebels but they still ask questions, show some interest. Believe me, I’m working with kids as a monitor, or whatever it’s called, at a secondary school and real rebels or kids with difficulties don’t make such efforts. Also, I’m always a bit suspicious with that specific kind of movies which raise serious issues, don’t conclude on a position but just open the discussions. There have been a lot of articles and essays about the movie, and in a way, the movie is just a pretext to open the discussion in society, since the book hasn’t made such a buzz (but still was acclaimed).

Anyway, I liked the movie, ahah. I’m just picky with such movies.

Yeah, I knew many horrible teenagers going through high school and teachers get treated like shit. But I kind of saw the kids more as disadvantaged kids than really rebellious kids (like they just didn’t know any better). I don’t know much about French high schools or French politics, so my view of the film is separate to the reality of it.

I haven’t seen this movie mostly because my class are pretty much the same as they show. Oh boy…

Ahah. Wat’s your highschool again ?

Lycée International Honoré de Balzac

Sounds badass, right?

It sounds like a rich kids school. International school are never for disadvantaged kids, unlike in the Class. Do you mean that the other pupils in your class are all excited like in the movie or what ?

It sounds like a rich kids school.
That’s right, the pupils from the international section are. But my class is ordinary and my section is STG and it says it all.

Ahah, yeah then I see. :-</E>