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The Cast

What does everybody really think about the cast? Can you see them play the roles? Should we just have faith in Mr. Tarantino? Who else would be cool enough to be in this movie?

I got into it with my brother about Daryll Hannah. He doesnt think she is a good enough actress to be in this film.

Your brothers retarded. :slight_smile:

I have faith in Tarantino and i just thank God that Jason Briggs is out of the picture.

I dont like Daryl Hannah either so i guess im retarted too a Vic?

But still if QT chose her then he obviously thinks she’s good for the part so as i said before in Tarantino i trust.

I can see Lucy Liu being a chic gang leader.

I can see Uma wooping ass.

I never saw David Carradine before so i dont know but everyone says he’s the right man for the job so thats good.

I wish Keitel and Sam jackson have cameos in this movie.

I saw Vivicia A. Fox in Booty Calls some time ago and she is one HOT chick. I want to see her in this movie.


Well why would Quentin pick her if shes no good? Does he know anything about film or actors? Ummm, Cmon guys get with the program. I can understand if you dont like her as an actress. But saying she cant act is retarded, yes.

Do you guys watch movies or do you just watch Quentin Tarantino films?

I watch every movie. Every movie.

I think that besides Uma, these are all B-grade actors/actresses. But I trust QT, more than any other director. So, I assume he knows what he is doing. Robert Forster was in the doldrums, he kicked major fucking ass. Michael Jai White can do some decent martial arts, who knows? He might be great at the poetry that is QT’s diologue.

Daryll Hannah I dont have much of an opinion of, not seen many of her films. Carradine was great in Death Race 2000, Thurman great in PF, Tarantino great in FDTD and Madsen is great.

The question is, for me, the support roles. Tarantino can normally get great actors to fill up the cast list. Can he do it again?

Daryl was in one of my favorite films: Blade Runner

Shes also been in : Splash, Clan of the Cave Bear, Wall Street, Grumpy Old Men, and a bunch of other films. I think she is very sexy and beautiful, a good actress and she will kick ass as the evil Elle Driver in Kill Bill. Just picture her with a patch over her eye doing samurai fighting and kung fu. I think it will be her big comeback role.

I totally trust QTs judgement in his films. He knows exactly what hes doing. Even the girl from China that reported on the film in Beijing said that QT “looks like hes seen the film already before hes even shot it”. Thats a great thing.

If i think that Daryl Hannah is not a good actress that does not make me retarded. It is a difference of oppinion. I saw Splash, i saw Grump Old Men, Balde Runner, The Last Don, and to me she isnt a good actress and she isnt hot nor beautiful. But that is just a difference of oppinion.

I can picture her with a patch over her eye kicking ass with a samurai sword. Sure. I just hope she can act it out. If she acts like she did in the Last Don (for example) then forget it.


guys, i know i am retarded, because i say KICK OUT DARYLL HANNAH.

i read the script and she just can’t be Elle Driver, she’s too much of a babyface.

get BRIDGET FONDA instead. or maybe CHARLIZE THERON or some other chick that looks hot and where you think “i would NOT trust that face”.

thats my opinion.

as for Michael Jai White… forget that, he has just a little cameo with some lines to say… as far as i remember.

bill does not have a son, so there’s no jason biggs… at least not from the script.

YES!! Bridget Fonda would be great also a connection to Jackie Brown and she is one great chick. Also Charlize Theron has that evil look that Seb is talking about. All Hannah has is great eyes. She’s a skeleton.


This is almost too funny. Ever since that negative script review came out, people are saying “I dont like this, I dont like that” While last week everyone was so overjoyed about the film. Its pretty fucked up.

Daryl Hannah will shine as Elle Driver. She can play cold bitches really well. Elle Driver from what I read is one cold bitch in Kill Bill. I cant wait to see her in it.

Bridget Fonda wouldve been cast as Elle Driver if she was the right person for the role.

I’ve been extremely pleased with Quentin’s casting choices in Kill Bill.What pleases me most is Quentin’a willingness to choose the person best suited for the role,not getting worried about the star status of the actor.B and A list actors…that’s all the luck of the draw,it has very little to do with their talent or lack of it.

One of the casting choices I was most happy with was Daryl Hannah,I’m a big fan of her work…especially in Blade Runner.And like it was said earlier she and the others was cast for one reason,they were best for the part.

Yeah probably QT sees something in Hannah that i dont. And she will probably be good in the movie maybe her one cool and good performance.

Vic, before that negative review came out i didnt like the choice of Hannah in the film i just never mentioned it coz there was nowhere to.

Hollywood Hogan is right. Now that Tarantino is famous he uses actors that would be good for the part and not caring for their acting status like David Carradine, Robert Forster, Pam Grier etc. etc.

That is a cool thing about him.


yeah, now that we mention it, i don’t like uma thurman. I DO NOT LIKE UMA THURMAN!!! hey, wow, thats… a scandal… don’t you think? i don’t like THE BRIDE!! lol.

QT is into tall blondes, that’s a fact. i say, sometime he’s gonna KILL ETHAN (pun intended).

If you dont think Uma is hot, watch her in Mad Dog and Glory with Robert DeNiro. Shes so good in that movie, and her eyes are the most sexy looking eyes ever. Forget Bettie Davis, its all about UMA THURMANS EYES! :slight_smile:

well I say It’s a matter of tastes. and Uma just isn’t my cup of coffee. maybe Kill Bill will change my view on her :smiley:

QT should have cast Kelly Hu, though. I dunno for what part, but she’s gorgeous. I mean, Lucy Liu has that crazy something, like in Payback, but Kelly Hu is a bit more like “damn, she’s hotttt”. hehe

LaTanya Jackson will be perfect for her role, though.

I wonder who’s gonna play Bill’s maid. And his bodyguards…

This whole thing with wanting different actors/actresses for Kill Bill is as Mia Wallace would say “an exercise in futility”. I think Quentin knows what hes doing. Its like saying “He shouldve picked someone else to play Jules in Pulp Fiction”. It is what it is. I like all his choices. Hes picking these actors/actresses for certain reasons. Its like hes putting together a jigsaw puzzle and he has to find the right pieces to finish the puzzle that will be Kill Bill. Seb, that sucks you dont like Uma. I mean shes the main character for cryin out loud. Your gonna be jonesin when you watch the movie. lol.

yeah, like i said, KB will change my view on her. still she’s not my type of woman… Kelly Hu would have been cool as the Bride, too.

I dont know Hu Kelly Hu is. Quentin wrote Kill Bill specifically for Uma, so I dont think she would be right for that part.

you don’T know kelly hu? well you know Sammo Hung, the martial arts fat-man, right? his tv-show? the cop series? kelly hu has a role in it, too. she’s black haired… has several belts in several martial arts and looks GOOD.

look her up in

i know, it’s for uma, i was just saying… leave me my opinion, dude.