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The Carnival from Hell Trailer

As most of you know, last year I had plans on shooting a movie that I had written titled, “Weapon of Choice”. Due to low budget and time constraints, this project sadly did not go as planned. Actually, the only real footage I got for the film took place at a carnival for a particular scene in the movie. This footage as well, was never used. Until now…

Using the footage I got from the carnival, I decided to make an fake exploitation trailer out of it. I finally have the trailer uploaded and ready to watch now on youtube. Let me know what you think ;D

The Carnival from Hell:

Always wanted to make a “Maniac” type trailer and had it planned out in my head but since it probably wont go any where whats really the point

Thaduke:Very nice trailer. The narration feels like an explitation trailer it(Totally took from Thanksgiving). wouldve been very cool to have a scary clown in there though(similar to Devils Rejects)

The thing about this trailer: It’s very rough.

When I was out there shooting, I wasn’t planning on making an exploitation trailer. So, I could have gotten a lot more footage if I knew that it was my motivation. But since I was going for more of a family scene, I didn’t get a whole lot of shots that might be more suitable for that of a horror picture.

it was cool some of the angles where cool, and i liked the sped up then like slow down of the one ride.

The narration feels like an explitation trailer it(Totally took from Thanksgiving).
:slight_smile: hah yeah thats all i could think about

the best line is, a boy with a hammer becomes a loose cannon ahahahahaa.

Wow, that’s pretty cool considering it’s all just “left over footage”. Alotta

people would have just let that stuff go to waste, it’s cool that you were

at least able to do something constructive with it.

Does this mean no Weapon of Choice at all? I remeber awhile back you talked

about maybe taking some scenes and making a short out of them. Any chance

of that still happening?

Yes, that idea of making a short still hasn’t left my mind. And on that note, making the entire film still hasn’t left my mind!

…but there is more talk about taking another stab at it. Hopefully, so.

I liked it 8)

I had my first screening for the trailer last night. The entire room died. Everyone loved it. They laughed when they were supposed to, they were confused when they were supposed to be, and like all good exploitation trailers, they were excited to see the actual movie. -someone even walked in on it and though we were watching Faces of Death.

This is what film making is all about. The feeling of creating something that everyone can enjoy is unreal. I gave out a few hints at my next project and everyone was real excited about it. Stay tuned! :slight_smile: