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The Brothers Bloom

The sophomore effort of writer/director Rian Johnson (Writer/director of 2005’s Brick.) follows a pair of overly-ambitious con-men/siblings (Potrayed by Adrien Brody & Mark Ruffalo) who think it’s about time to retire & plan one final score w/ that intent in mind. The target of this ‘job’ is reclusive million-heiress Penelope Stamp. (Portrayed by Rachel Weisz) Also joining in the brothers’ pursuit of the enigmatic aristocrat’s wealth is an equally engimatic, possible-ally only known as Bang-Bang. (Portrayed by Rinko Kikuchi) The film opens on October tenth of this year in the U.S. & looks to be, if nothing else, a fun ride. Much like classic con films such as; Paper Moon & The Sting.


Just a small bit of lame news. They’ve decided to push the release back to December 19th limited, & January 16th for a wide release. I assume it has to do w/ the rumblings about possible Oscar nominations.

I really liked Brick and all but this doesn’t really look like anything special to me. It kinda looks like what Ocean’s 11 would have been like had Wes Anderson directed it and called it Ocean’s 3. This is getting Oscar buzz?

I’ll admit that it doesn’t appear to be terribly original. However, Rian Johnson has expressed annoyances about the way the trailer presents the film, and goes on to complain that the movie itself plays nothing like the way the trailer would make someone think it does. And, yes. It has recieved some very good buzz about both Rachel Weisz &

Mark Ruffalo’s performances, and the possibility of a best original screenplay nomination.