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The briefcase topic

I like the idea of a dwarf (Like Tony mentioned) rather than a soul. Briefcases always have something important in them like diamonds, or gold, or money, or something…

You never see a movie where someone just pops open a briefcase and a dwarf jumps out.

Dwarfs are just plain funny, but why have a dwarf when you can have a…Gnome?

Gnomes are okay, but when Tony said dwarf I imagined mini-me popping out and running amuck.

I like to think that it was the suit that “Elvis” wears in True Romance.

okay u know how Sam Jackson’s character gets shot by Pesci in Goodfellas maybe since Tarantino really loved Taxi Driver and amires Scorsese maybe Sam jackson’s Goodfellas Soul is in the briefcase… is that weak or good?

On the DVD of PF Quentin makes it a point to say that it is not Macellus’s soul in the briefcase, though he applauds the thought of it.

Anyone ever heard the theory that it was the diamounds frmo the heist in Resevoir Dogs? Thats always been my theory. Makes sense I think.

I like the explaination were it is Mr. Wallace’s soul. It is probobly just a referance to the great Kiss Me Deadly, in which there was a secret case that had to be recovered. In the case was a nuclear substance that glowed much like whatever was in the case in Pulp Fiction. The glowing is probobly just a reference.

I also like the explaination were it was Elvis suit for True Romance.

The Soul theory backs up the more religious aspects of the film, while it still very well could be the diamonds, the suit etc. There is no right answer. If you view PF is a purely spiritual sense (which you can easily. It is very religious film), then the Soul Theory is great fodder. I taught a class a few weeks ago about simply the thelogical messages in PF.

Well I have two views on this one. It really depends on the mood I’m in. The first is that its Mr. Wallace’s Soul because of the briefcase being open to the combination of 666, and because that was what I first thought. The next is the diamonds in Reservoir Dogs simply because its my most favorite of favorite movies. I love the mystery behind it all, and I think it would ruin it if we actually knew what was in the briefcase.

I think maybe some ppl are missing the point. You dont have to kno whats in the case… The case was just a plot mover. It made the plot move on. And if thats not true than I like the soul idea :wink:

Well, it is quite obvious that it is an Umpa Lumpa, it’s escaped from the factory and Mr Wallace decided that he wanted one as a kinda slave, so he got those boys to track it down, drug it and deliver it to him.

This when wrong though, as the boys became attched to it and became it’s friend, so. they decided to shuv it in a briefcase whle it was sleeping and run away to Mexico.

Mr Wallace, hearing of their plan, sent his boys to go get back what he felt was his. So, all that was in the briefcase was a sleeping umpa lumpa.

Here’s a Pulp Fiction page with lots of trivia about everything in Pulp including the suitcase thing

bear with me now-i’m new to the forum and i’m not a big bible buff. jules makes reference to wandering the earth, something about a kung fu movie character “caine”, he reads the passage repeatedly that states he is the shepard,and he seems unkillable. when cain slayed abel, god forced cain to wander the earth eternally, making him unkillable. maybe jules represents cain, abel’s soul (or simply jules burden) is in the briefcase, and marsellus represents god. that is why marsellus always wants jules to have the briefcase but nothing is ever said about what he should do when he has it (because it is his to keep eternally)

I don’t really have a theory on what’s in the briefcase, but i do have a question. Why the fuck doesn’t vincent turn the first six all the way? It pisses me off every time i watch it and it kind of ruins the moment for me. Why would QT wanna use that take?

i dont have a theory either, i think it’s cool that you don’t know whats in the suitcase. sure they shouldn’t show it in the movie, but if i could i’d ask QT what it was.

I apologize if I repeat what has already been discovered. New to this forum.

The answer is this…FATE.

The contents of the suitcase are nothing physical that you can hold nor touch. Its what you FEEL. You see something

that is entirely meant for YOU alone. Some beleive in fate and

others don’t. What Pulp Fiction is simply showing us is an event or events surrounded by FATE.

The reasons for my answer are these:

  1. When our man Vincent Vega 1st peeks into it. What does he SEE?

    Something horrible obviously as it seems that his stomach will turn and he looks away in disgust.

    What happens to Vincent later is that he is shredded by his

    own Uzi. Dead.
  2. When Pumpkin takes a look with gun in hand he nearly blushes with Joy and satisfaction.

    He sees something so profoundly beatiful he gets dizzy. Pumpkin then leaves the restraurant

    with Bunny and a bagfull of cash. And most improtantly…his LIFE. And judging from what he

    saw I guarantee he is headed for good times.

    So we have DEATH and PROSPERITY. Signs of fate that are sometimes foreseen or ignored.

Vincent was killed by a MAC-10 or MAC-11 (both are similar in model) not by an Uzi.

As for whats in the briefcase…I bet QT doesn’t even know…the reason he probably didnt have anything in it is he couldn’t figure out anything original…and money or drugs would be the cliched option.

but I do like badab1ng’s theory…cause it makes sense. I’ve never heard that one.

I gotta brush up on my guns.

Some years back at a late showing of The Fan starring De niro I saw QT getting some pop corn. I followed him inside and when he stopped I gave him my breifcase shpiel. He looked at me and sniffed a small laugh saying "that’s pretty good, man"

That’s it. Not sure if this was a confirmation but it did help my theory somewhat.


Thats cool dude you gotta meet Quentin Tarantino like that :smiley:

…but seriously, it’s probably the best theory I’ve ever heard…mainly cause it makes sense…unlike the one with the soul (which is retarded)  ::slight_smile:

and about the gun, a lot of people think it’s an Uzi cause thats what it says in the script, something like a Czech Submachine Gun…but actually it’s a MAC-10

Here’s a pic, (just w/ out the suppresor on the end like in the movie);