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The Briefcase POLL (not topic)

What is your favorite theory about the briefcase’s content ?

  • Reservoir Dogs’ diamonds
  • Marsellus’ soul
  • Gold
  • Banknotes
  • A lamp and a battery
  • Fate
  • Marvin Nash’s right ear
  • Elvis’ outfit in True Romance
  • O.J. Simpson’s other glove
  • An Umpa-Lumpa
  • A dwarf
  • Cocaine
  • An Oscar
  • A bomb
  • Radioactive substances
  • The light of Zartha
  • The first Spiderman comic
  • Butch’s prizefighter belt
  • Marsellus’ dirty laundry
  • Gold bullets
  • A glow worm
  • Kill Bill script
  • A foot massage kit
  • A getaway to Hell
  • The Golden Gun
  • Some porn
  • Two 45. Magnums
  • A double Royale with Cheese
  • Flava Flav’s gold teeth
  • Some hash Vincent brought from Amsterdam
  • The Spear of Destiny
  • A first edition Playboy
  • The diamond from Snatch
  • Jack Sparrow’s compass
  • A gold cock ring
  • Davy Jone’s heart
  • Another briefcase, but…what’s in it?
  • An Pandora’s box
  • Other…

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ok this isn’t the Briefcase topic, just a poll!

don’t post comments like “why would a double Royale with Cheese glow?”, if you know what I mean…

it’s only about the idea you find the most credible, the funniest…so please just VOTE!

Marcellus’ soul.

Dustin Diamonds career!

I don’t think there’s anything. Quentin devised that glowing briefcase to make people like us frantically and obsessively guess over what is inside of it. I think it represents anything people desire.

Ok I fuckin new it!

you guys all have interesting stuff to say, and there’s a special threat for that: it’s called "the Briefcase topic"

don’t post, just vote and shut up!

has anyone seen the video on myspace where trantino and rodriguez talk about the breifcase and then as quentin is about to say whats in it the film burns and it says missing reel, then when it comes back on rob’s like ‘‘thats completley changes the film’’ it was pretty funny.

Yeah, that was hilarious. Robert’s like “wow, now I need to watch it again, not only Pulp Fiction but every single one of your movies.”

other- nothing just a referance to basket case.

Dustin Diamonds career!

HAHAHA, that’s funny!

A foot massage kit! Haha ;D I’ve voted for it :wink:

The Inglorious Bastards Script. Fuck yeah!

just thought of that: Planet Terror missing reel…

Your signature is (1) huge (2) deeply irritating (3) against board rules. Change it or you’ll get your ass kicked by Chong Li himself. (I’m serious, except for the Chong Li part).

yes, I gotta agree it was.


It was totally the Academy Award he knew he’d win. :wink:

Marsellus’ soul is definitely my favourite.

My favourite has to be the foot massage kit lol

now that I’ve seen Kiss Me deadly…I would say radioactive substances! :wink:

The golden flash is also seen in the beginning of the Mia & Vincent story.

If I had to guess…it’s the Holy fucking Grail…yeah that makes so much sense. 8)

But… If all QT stories are linked somehow, it would have to be the diamonds from Reservoir Dogs.

I’d rather it be an Oscar, but…