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The Bride : A tribute to Bruce Lee

This news is a few months old but I thought Id post it anyway with a pic of Bruce in the yellow suit Uma will be wearing in Kill Bill for people who havent seen it.

"UMA THURMAN TO WEAR BRUCE LEE’S SUIT! (Reuters article) "In Kill Bill, Uma Thurman (The Bride) will wear Bruce Lee’s yellow kung fu suit he wore in his last movie “Game Of Death” (may he rest in peace…) “It was exciting, writing and thinking of Uma’s physicality, those long lanky legs and that blonde hair, and her doing animal-style kung fu or using the samurai-style sword. She’ll be wearing the yellow tracksuit of Bruce Lee from Game Of Death.” says QT. And about his career: “Most directors have a 40-year career. There’s that first great 20 years, and the second 20 years, which isn’t half as great. There are good movies in that last half, but also a lot of apologizing - and I want to avoid those last 20 years. I don’t want to be too much of a professional, I want to keep my amateur status.”

I think this is brilliant on Quentin’s part.Seeing Uma fight in Bruce’s clothes will be a glorious tribute.

you probably remember the news article where you could see a shot of uma thurman and sonny chiba practising sword fighting.

that picture came from a japanese website, and of course noone of us could read that.

now i could manage to get it halfway translated into broken english.

here is the link

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it’s not very good, but it reveals the content of the article quite well.

I just tried to read that Japanese article. Wow, thats really messed up wording, lol.

well at least you can figure out what it is about and it is at least better than starring at a website full of japanese symbols, right?


Yeah it is better than ?????? all over the page, haha.

wait a minute. please everybody take a few seconds and concentrate your eyes on that picture of bruce lee in his suit.

what do you notice?

this: bruce lee is a skinny fella. HIS SUIT is tight as hell. :o

SO: if Uma Thurman, that big-boobed chick, wants to fit into that suit it needs either to be re-done for the movie, copied for the movie OR we’ll gonna see Uma Turman in a tight-as-hell suit. ???

imagine it!!! put that picture in your head! that tiny tight suit on that big-breasted, tall-grown, big thighed and ass CHICK! :stuck_out_tongue:

i think that’s… i dunno. it’s not funny or something, but it’s a fact no-one has ever considered yet. :-*

LOL at this: “Rated X for graphic violence, perversive language and tight-clothed blondes” ;D

Uma aint no big breasted, big thighed chick. Shes skinny as a twig!! The reason her boobs got big is because she had a baby. Just watch Pulp Fiction again. Youll see shes not a thick chick. Im sure after her training, she is skinny and in shape just like Bruce Lee in that pic. She IS taller than Bruce Lee was. He was 5’7, i think shes like 5’9 or something.

Hey! long time reader first time poster. I just want to say that I think it will be awsome if she wears that Bruce Lee suit!

Also I hope the sword fight scenes have like, a sense of urgency. I just saw Attack of The Clones and the sword fights were pretty boring (except for the Yoda part). It seemed like they were just trying to hit each other’s swords and not each other.

However if Kill Bill is going to be a Kung Fu homage movie then the fights probably won’t be too realistic.

BAH! I know Tarantino will make it cool.

I recently purchased the Lee documentary:Bruce Lee A Warriors Journey.It talked about the symbolism of the yellow suit.

It shows Bruce discarding any particular style by not wearing any traditional clothing.The suit represent Lee’s style of adapting to what the situation requires,and using any style that will lead to victory.

It’s a great documentary,and contains the complete footage of the Game of Death fight scenes.

That info is so cool to know. The thing about how the yellow suit represents Bruce Lees not conforming to one particular fighting style. I bet thats another reason why QT picked it for The Bride to wear in the film.

For those who dont know, Bruce Lees fighting method “Jeet Kune Do” means “Way of the Intercepting Fist”. I know Bruce also was very influenced by boxers like Muhammed Ali. He adapted it into his own fighting style.

See Uma in the suit is the first thing that got me interested in Kill Bill. From that point on, now I’ve have read the script, fucking can’t wait to see the movie, and really want to know it’s re;ease date.

[quote]See Uma in the suit is the first thing that got me interested in Kill Bill. From that point on, now I’ve have read the script, fucking can’t wait to see the movie, and really want to know it’s re;ease date.[/quote]

Look for Kill Bill to hit theaters around October 10, 2003.

Thanx for the info Toothpick_Vic.

I must be the only one who doesn’t like this idea.

Hello, folks.  This is probably old news (all too late) but Henshin!Online has got a perfectly adequate translation of the japanese article.  I’ll post it here in case the site goes down or whatever:

[quote]KILL BILL! Director Quentin Tarantino’s “ultimate exploitation action” film is now on location in Beijing, where rumors are afoot that several famous Shaw Brothers martial arts stars will make appearances in the film, including Chia Hui (aka “Gordon Liu”) of 36 CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN-fame. Old Skool Kung Fu film fans might want to take note that some of KILL BILL! Chinese sequences are being shot on the old Shaw Brothers Studios lot.

Many of the film’s kung fu fight scenes are being choreographed by the legendary Yuen Woo Ping, who recently made a big splash in the west for his work on THE MATRIX and CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON, featuring numerous Chinese, Hong Kong and Japanese stuntmen. Among them is the quintessential skull-cracker – legendary action star Shinichi Chiba.

Chiba is now hard at work on director Tarantino’s KILL BILL! in a triple-fold capacity: Star, Martial Arts Direction and Japanese Dialogue Coach. Tarantino enlisted Chiba’s talent to properly train the principals, including Uma Thurman, for a period of one month in Los Angeles before production began in China in June. “I take my hat off in regards to her enthusiasm,” said Chiba.

Chiba is proud of his cult popularity in the United States as “Sonny Chiba,” well known for his television series THE SHADOW ARMY (Kage-no Gundan, 1979-1985). Tarantino, himself, has been in absolute awe having been able to secure Chiba to support several areas of his film, which will be in production throughout the summer in Beijing, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico and Los Angeles.

But, expectations for KILL BILL! ever getting off the ground were not favorable over the last five years, since Tarantino wrote the original screenplay. Once the film was finally green-lighted, production was postponed when it was discovered that star Uma Thurman became pregnant. Several replacements were discussed (or rumored to be discussed), but Tarantino held fast to waiting for Thurman, who he specifically wrote the part for. “She’s my actress,” said the director in a recent interview.

Thurman thankfully experienced a healthy birth this past January 15th, which allowed production to move forward in earnest. Meanwhile, Chiba was on contract since last January, and had to wait while the production was postponed, rearranging his schedule to accommodate the pregnant actress. But, Chiba thinks that the wait has paid off. Joining the cast is Lucy Liu, Darryl Hannah, Michael Madsen, Jason Biggs, Vivica A. Fox, Michael Jai White and LaTanya Richardson – who have been hired by Tarantino to star in KILL BILL!

When discussing his experience in the film’s pre-production, Chiba’s usually stern mouth spreads wide, illustrating his enthusiasm for the project, which contains extreme action scenes mixed generously with an internationally-colored cast. “This film is the culmination of a myriad of ideas that have been let loose from the toy-box that is the mind of Tarantino – much like a compilation of short stories into one narrative book,” said Chiba confidently on the production.

This past March, the principal cast began training together under Chiba’s strict eight-hours-a-day curriculum. Even though Thurman had her newborn nearby for nursing and care, she didn’t complain about the intensity of training or exhaustion. “With her hakama on, holding her sword, she bloomed. I am impressed with her natural professionalism,” Chiba extolled.

In regards to Japanese language training for the dialogue scenes, “Even though you cannot elminate their American accents, I have done everything possible for [the actors] to employ proper pronunciation, under my guidance.” Assisting Chiba in training the actors was his daughter, actress/martial artist Juri Manase, which began on March 11th. It is not known at this time if Manase will appear in KILL BILL! with her famous father.

Tarantino’s adoration for Chiba began with the release of such 1970s films as CHAMPION OF DEATH and THE STREETFIGHTER in the States, which established a fan-base for “Sonny Chiba.” In 1992, Chiba continued to chase the dream of American Stardom with ACES: IRON EAGLE III. Then, to advance himself in the Hollywood realm, Chiba attained his Green Card in 1994. Tarantino’s years of adoration became known world-wide with the production of his screenplay for TRUE ROMANCE (1993), which featured heavy Chiba-influence and a Chiba-crazed character played by Christian Slater.

Enthusiastically, Chiba concluded “We are taking Japanese action and culture, and connecting them with the world in a way we want to.” KILL BILL! continues shooting throughout the summer and is scheduled to be released in the US by Miramax on October 10, 2003.[/quote]


Japanese Action Star Returns In KILL BILL!

translation and additional info by August Ragone, who also did a wonderful Chiba bio (also in the site)

no name, why so glum of the uma news?

great article post. thanks