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The Breakfast scene In Death Proof

Hi…I am brand new here and I was wondering if anyone knows where the breakfast scene with Abernathey, Kim, Lee and Zoe was filmed? I just spent the night in Lebanon TN and stopped to eat breakfast at Uncle Pete’s there on the highway and they had no idea where they did that particular scene at…

They didn’t film that scene in Lebanon. They filmed it in Austin so Uncle Pete’s was probably a fake restaurant on a studio set.

It couldve been shot in California too. Im pretty sure all the scenes with Zoe were shot there.

I was gonna say, I thought it was shot in Cali.

I found this website that says that the diner scene was shot at the Omelettry in Austin. It looks like it.

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I think he filmed the car chase scene with Zoe Bell on the hood in California.

Ooh! Lovin the research dude. Nice one. ;D

Wow! Thanks for all of the help! You guys are off the hook! I wonder why they didn’t just use Uncle Pete’s there in Lebanon…they have incredible food…I stopped there on my road trip to Pigeon Forge. I would DEFENATELY recommend them btw to any of you driving through

Makes sense. I’d think it’d be way more difficult/expensive to film in another state.

RR/QT were already filming in Austin, and had all the permits in place here. And California is easier/cheaper to film all the stunts because of everyone living there. Plus, the Texas hill country (Austin area), and the mountains of So Cal look very much like “parts” of the smokey mountains in the fall… It’s easy to interchange them.

God Bless movie magic.

ah that’s disappointing to me. I thought it was shot in Lebanon. I travel to and from Nashville on I-40 a few times a year and always go right by Lebanon. The Smokey Mountains are far away from Lebanon, TN btw. they’re like a 3 hour drive away. Lebanon, TN is pretty close to Nashville which is more hilly or flat country - it was represented well in the film which is why I believed it was shot there.