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The Bonnie Situation and the boot

i just found a connection between reservoir dogs and pulp, im not shore if this is already known but if you watch the deleted scene above the ear cuting ones on the new dogs dvd they are in a car and and eddy mentions that he cant get a doctor but can get in touch with bonnie a nurse. now isnt there a nurse in pulp fiction by the name of bonnie marryed to jimmie.

also, you no how there is always a boot shot well i noticed that there is also always a person in a boot, dogs = shot of cop in boot, pulp = shot of the dead guy they put rubish bags over, jackie = shot of bouma with shotgun before boot is closed and Kill bill = sofi in trunk saying stupido blonde

well thats all from me

If by boot you mean trunk then yes, and i made a topic about that a shit load of a time ago called the trunk shot.

That bonnie thing is cool though. Weird.

Yeah, that’s pretty much old news, btw, did you also know that Jimmy from Pulp and Larry from Dogs have the same last name, ie they are related by uncle and nephew

why not father and kid, or brothers? why uncle and nephew

why the fuck does it matter? Who cares? So they have the same last name, we don’t need to start a discussion on what relation it actually is.