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The basis for Death Proof

So recently I downloaded the Charlie Rose interview with QT and Robert. While discussing Death Proof, QT mentioned that after finishing Pulp Fiction he developed a fear for driving, he was afraid that he would die in a tragic car accident. And after discussing this issue to a stuntman, the stuntman suggested to QT, that he would be safer if he installed a “cage” like the one NASCAR drivers use, for only $150,000. And that alone became the basis for Death Proof. Isin’t that something, Death Proof inspired by true events. It makes me wonder if “Chick Habit” by April March reminded QT of his past, maybe not. “Hang up the chick habit, hang it up daddy or you’ll never get another fix, QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!” Who are all those women in the ending credits?

lesser known starlets from grindhouse pictures? or stuntwomen?

or maybe the girls he hangs out with and that more or less inspired the characters…