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That French chick

Does anyone think that the Fabienne character in Pulp Fiction is the single most annoying character ever to have been created in American cinema? :-[

I really have to give it to QT on this one. That is no small feat.

Fabienne is really the only thing I don’t like about Pulp Fiction (well except for that French/Spanish cab driver… )

So sniveling and whiny and all her talk about blueberries… blueberry pie blueberry pancakes blueberries blueberries It’s like she had a blueberry obsession. on on And she forgot the watch… That should have been a deal breaker.

I don’t know why Butch just didn’t leave her whiny ass behind …

Awww. I thought she was a very cute character.

No, the most annoying character in the world that so happens to also be in PF is Raquel. “Goodnight Raquel” facepalm

Yes, she was annoying but the most annoying not really. I am a huge horror fan so I could give you a laundry list of annoying characters. I thought Roseanna Arquette’s character was annoying.

Yeah, she was annoying too. Maybe there should be like, no chicks but Uma and Zoe in QT movies, cos all the rest are annoying.

O-ren and Jackie are not annoying :smiley:

Yeah, you’re right. It was just a joke anyway. :wink:

I dont find her that annoying. I’ve always had a thing for french chicks so maybe thats why. Call it a fetish I dont know

so how do you like Lili then? btw where is she?

I don’t think girls like it when you call them “chicks”

Trust me most women don’t really care that much about being called “chicks” … in America anyway

Lili btw where is she?

So I was back in Paris AND I have again troubles with my connection. I don’t know when they can fix it. So from sunday night and till an undefinied day now, I’ll disappear again. Of course I’ll try to log in from time to time in cybercafés, I’ll waste all my money again like last year, ahah. And now we’re telling Paris is the best city… and I can’t even have a proper and stable internet connection out there…

Try to read your own web site darling. ;D

lame excuses. she’s out fullfilling contracts again. she’s a professional assassin…

Fabienne is really the only thing I don’t like about Pulp Fiction (well except for that French/Spanish cab driver… ) [/quote]

I loved the cab driver woman! I always thought it would be cool to find out more about her. Butch should have hooked up with her and left fab to her pancakes! And yeah, I agree she is annoying!

I think Fabienne is annoying but a great character - its great to balance out all the world weary cool of the other characters to have someone so hysterical and naive in the middle of the movie. And that Esmerelda Villa lobos character is hilarious, her accent and rhythm of her speech are really funny “what it like to KEEEEEL a man”. not a bad frame of anything that pisses me off about pulp fiction its flawless.

I dont usually talk to women unless I fornicate with them before.