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Terence Malick (Thin Red Line, Badlands..)

I’m going to watch Badlands in a few minutes, it sounds really cool.  From what I understand he’s only done 3 movies Badlands, Days of Heaven and Thin Red Line.  Though I thoroughly disliked Thin Red Line, I’ve read really good reviews of the other two.  Does anyone know if he’s atleast been involved with other projects, if not as a director, as a producer or writer?

ever heard of ?

I love Thin Red Line. It’s a beautiful movie.

I think he’s gonna do some more movies soon, from what i’ve heard

he is making a film based on Che Guevera

i dont know if it will get released since HBO did not have the guts to show an Oliver Stone interview with Castro

Like I said I didn’t like thin red line but I just finished Badlands, and it’s pretty cool. I couldn’t help but notice the many similarities between it and NBK and TR, the theme to the movie sounds very much like the theme in True romance (by chance, Not really knowing anything about badlands, I just watched True Romance right before badlands, I was going to watch a tape but saw that Badlands was on and the fact the Martin Sheen was in it). I really think someone, if not Tarantino was heavily inspired by badlands in the making of both movies.

Badlands is a phat movie, it helped to inspire true romance and is one of Tarantino’s fav movies

Is there a quote of him talking about it.

Also I’ve got a theory on it, it was long, but if you’re interested go to the other project posts under NBK/TR


Terrance Malick is making a movie based of Che

hate it when people ignore me after i help them

I read in some book that it was on his top 10 list along with The Good, the bad, and the ugly, Coffy, The Great Escape, Blow-out, His Girl Friday (or Bringing up Baby-im not sure which one), Carrie, and a few others

oh yeah, Taxi Driver was on the list

The Thin Red line and Badlands are great movies. I never knew were by the same director!