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Tekken Movie (2009)

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Dwight H. Little


Michael Colleary

Alan B. McElroy

Charles Stone III

Mike Werb

Variety reports that the game which made its debut on the original PlayStation way back in 1995 is due for a cinematic overhaul with Dwight Little at the helm. Based on the Namco series, Tekken is reportedly set to be a futuristic martial arts action flick.

“The film plays out as a science fiction story set in the near future, about a rebel who rises up against the Tekken Corp. to seize freedom for his people,” says Little. "It’s a gladiator story, but the videogame has a complicated enough storyline that it provides the template for a martial arts spectacular."

He’s previously been involved with Rapid Fire and Marked For Death.

If other video game movie adaptations are to go by, everything says this will be a pile of shit. However, I used to play this game when I was younger and I’m intrigued to see what they do with this.

I used to play this game on Playstation as a kid too. I don’t know which version I had, can’t remember but it was a lot of fun. Especially cause if you invit friends who don’t know how to play games on a playstation (most of girls don’t), you still can play with this game by pressing everything, you still can touch your enemy and get him hurt ;D

Back on the movie, I think it’ll be a total sh#t but nice try.

I used to play Tekken 2 back when I was kid, too, till I moved over to DOA 3.

Didn’t they make one Tekken film already… The Avenging Fist?