Tarantino's untitled Manson murders project


Great cast I hope brads the one investigating the crime and i guess Tom is the stuntman and Leo is the actor


Meaty headline, but non-news… oh well it’s only the 4th day of the year


I think he would be able to do a great Manson movie. But the idea of a 1969 movie opens up more options as to storylines. And 1969 was a hell of a year. With all that’s going on in Hollywood right now, I just hope he finds someone to do his writing justice.

I’ve always wanted to write a script about a certain serial killer. Not Manson though, way too public.


Haha, this dubiously dubious clickbait website got this whole “helter skelter (scenario)” entry on Wikipedia terribly wrong…

Aside from being full of other hot air, however, I think Helter Skelter would in fact be a fun title for it…


It would, but there was a made for TV movie about the Manson murders called “Helter Skelter” already made. I remember watching it as a youth back in the '70’s.


Deadline reports DiCaprio signed up for #Number9


Al Pacino!


Sounds like a helluva cast! Cant wait to hear more :sunglasses:


Another clarified plot detail emerges


Michael Madsen? But of course



Peter Bart: Quentin Tarantino, Liberated From The Weinstein Shadow, Probes Noir Depths Of The Manson Murders (no new info)


Oh shit


Starting to get a bit too ugly for my taste, as if it wasn’t all ugly before… a bunch of crazy headlines and all and the execs are getting cold feet? Maybe rather do it low-budget instead?



Sharon Tate primer


#1969: Entering New Hollywood. Join FC in a trip down one of the most thrilling years in cinema


Do you think Roman Polanski is a good idea with all of the accusations flying around today?


I wonder if QT has a Sergio Leone esque character in this film.


But what does that sentence really mean? If it’s a story set in that time and environment, then having characters from that time and environment is a good idea :wink: Everything else is just speculation… let’s wait until we really know what the movie is about before we judge whether it’s a good idea for character A or character B to be in it :wink:


I agree with you 100% but in regards to the idiotic days of me too# ,that
has it’s points, noone, especially Polanski, will be in it, bet ya​:gem::moneybag::gem::moneybag:


Title, cast and more plot details revealed