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Tarantino's untitled Manson murders project


What we know so far

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Maybe a Pulp Fiction type story (not criminals but just LA people) set around the atmosphere of the Manson murders??


Alternate history in which an apocalyptic race war actually occurs after the murders have happend, hence the casting of Sam Jackson


I hope not. I dont want to see another QT film about race or war


Ditto. I loved IB and DU but he neds to just make a cool fun movie with no politics again. H8 was a bit cringeworthy because it was beating a dead horse imo.


Some news!

Tarantino’s next, codenamed “#9” starts production next year



I wonder if the title is “Number 9” or “Revolution 9”. Fits in with The Hateful 8 as 8th film idea

This was from 2006 post I wrote as “ToothpickVicVega” (my original s-name) in the “Lines You Aint Ever Gonna Hear in Pulp Fiction” thread:

Mia: I’ll have a Charles Manson Burger…and a 10 dollar shake.

Vincent: 10 dollar shake, You put bourbon in there?

Buddy: Yep, a shot per shake.

Vincent: Nice! I’ll have one of those too!



Nothing but a summary, but I think this is the first time someone actually says the script is finished, not sure if that’s overinterpretation but I am sure there must be an early finished draft for a studio to make the decision for. I imagine a bunch of suites sitting in the WME office reading a Tarantino script. Must be a weird scene :slight_smile:


I bet the soundtrack to this film will be one of his best


I wonder if the Manson #9 project grew out the Robert Blake case/prison flick that he was rumored to be working on during the leak of the Hateful 8 script? Seeing as how Manson is supposed to be a mostly off-screen character in #9, I was wondering if QT began this as a prison flick set after the Robert Blake murder investigation and trial and then decided to go with Manson as he is a more recognizable/iconic figure in California pop culture.


QT was also working on a project about films of 1970, so the Manson thing mightve came out of that too


Yeah, could be a combination. I was really intrigued by the Robert Blake rumor as his case has been less-explored in film.


I’m not sure what to think of this one. I feel there’s a lot of speculation and assumption surrounding this project with very little to go on. I had his last two scripts the day after he finished them, and I’ve read four of them before seeing the film. I can understand him being extra secretive after the Hateful Eight affair, but for me reading a new Tarantino script is a part of the experience that I’ve come to look forward to, so knowing so little about this one is throwing me off, especially given the what little we do know of the subject matter. I’m sure I’ll end up loving it no matter what, but I’m just in wait and see mode.


I guess things are still a little slow around here, but I’m hoping they’ll pick up as more information about this movie starts coming out.


Troublemaker Studios!



Tom Cruise
Brad Pitt
Jennifer Lawrence
Samuel L Jackson
Leonardo DiCaprio
Margot Robbie


Troublemaker is a production company, but they don’t do distribution.


"It’s not Charles Manson, it’s 1969,”- QT

Not sure exacty what that means. Its about the year 1969 not about Manson?

All we get for now


Kinda odd really. Should have debunked the Manson idea if he’s never going to do it.

Let’s not forget that the director of a Charles Manson documentary in 1973 made a Q&A session with QT at the New Beverly last year (having since passed away) and considering that QT already announced that he was working or at least trying something with various projects and ideas which include a 1970 idea. His scripts take around half to an entire year and it was completed in May or June, so I call bull when he says it’s not Manson. But than again, i don’t know him personally so might as well be telling the truth


Check this idea:

Maybe it will cover 1969 with the Pulp Fiction style chapter format and one section is about Manson

We’ll see…