Tarantino's untitled Manson murders project



Now that you mentioned that it may possibly be a Pulp Fiction style, in the sense of a series of stories or in this case vignettes that are unconnected? I’m not going to critique the film that QT is going to make, as I’m sure it will be fantastic as his previous movies (except Death Proof but that’s a different story) but if QT is doing another vignette kind of story, doesn’t this show that he’s running out of steam?

As much as he experiments, depicting slavery in Django Unchained, or setting The Hateful Eight in two locations or even when he wrote non-chronological stories most prominent in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, he seems to be playing safe at the same time in terms of not changing so much but also changing at the same time. But as I said, it feels like he has no ideas left. If we see Sharon Tate get murdered, that’s reminiscint of Kill Bill and the multiple stories possibilities being Pulp Fiction. No shame in repeating certain things in your films (Twin Peaks by David Lynch for example was inspired by Blue Velvet in terms of a small idyllic town filled with dark secrets beneath the ideal American town but they’re entirely different stories) but with this idea, it sort of feels like QT is not changing his territories.

Sorry for rambling on and on and I probably went off topic


Well QT has his own storytelling style at this point. So I dont expect him to change that. It will most likely be a pulp chapter set up if its dealing with diff peoples lives/time spans. whats most important to me is how intriguing the story is. It comes down to the impact of the story, not the format of the storytelling. We’ve seen that many times. Its nothing new

Right now we dont know what genre this film is either. So that will have something to do with it.


I guess so. We’ll just have to wait and see. Just a shame it’s out in 2019 (hopefully not in Christmas but around summer)


Funniest thing is how all those “copy and paste” news sites are now writing " Tarantino’s movie is not about Charles Manson" when all the time we already knew exactly that. From the first news on earlier this year, it was made clear that it wasn’t a Charly Manson movie. People just don’t read anymore :wink:


Whos gonna get the QT? Step on up and show what ya got!


David Heyman joins as producer


Tom Cruise lead??

Batshit or not, I love it!


Just read that it can only be two out of the three for Cruise, Pitt, and DiCaprio…

I’m torn, but I’d want Cruise & Pitt…


Been reading the news. Looks like Manson is approaching death. Thank god




As I am gathering all the facts (click here, let me know if I missed anything), just a reminder that as early as over a year ago, he actually talked about it :slight_smile:


How they did it


Set in Los Angeles in the summer of 1969, Tarantino’s upcoming movie, according to a source who read the script, focuses on a male TV actor who’s had one hit series and his looking for a way to get into the film business. His sidekick—who’s also his stunt double—is looking for the same thing. The horrific murder of Sharon Tate and four of her friends by Charles Manson’s cult of followers serves as a backdrop to the main story.

Sounds weird and intriguing! There a little nod to Stuntman Mike too.

So: Who will the TV actor and stunt double be? Im thinking Leo and Brad Pitt or Leo and Tom Cruise

I hope the soundtrack is awesome


Unless the soundtrack has the original score, like Ennio Morricone’s music for The Hateful Eight.


But If any film needs a cool pop music soundtrack it would be this one. I dont think only Morricones music would work in a 1969 LA/Hollywood backdrop


I meant to say that Quentin should try another composer for his 9th feature film, ever since the hateful eight.


Im not a big fan of QT using composers. It worked ok in The Hateful Eight, but I know that Morricone didn’t exactly give him what he wanted, and I just prefer Quentin being totally in control of the music. And I thought Rodriguez’s music for Kill Bill vol. 2 cheapened the whole thing considerably, even though it’s a great film regardless.


Dead now


Totally agree… Honestly I thought the score for H8, while fantastic from music only level, made the movie considerably worse than it could have been. It just doesn’t fit. Part of the Tarantino experience is his unique and highly entertaining soundtrack.

I saw a trailer for H8 with Shaft music in the background and loved it. It felt like an entire new movie and made me realize part of what made me dislike H8 was the music setting the wrong tone. It was too sinister. When you have the woman getting punched, vomited on, hanged, and there’s dark music in the background, it’s pretty off putting… needed that Tarantino shake up. Now they I think about it, the part I probably smirked at the most was the part with exorcist music in the background. Never realized how much the music matters.

That and reading the script before hand, knowing the twists, really ruined the movie for me.