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Tarantino's soundtracks - can anyone please help?

hey guys.

I was happy to find this forum, and I hope you guys could help me :slight_smile:

I’m doing a small academic project about tarantino’s KILL BILL’s 1 soundtrack.

in addition to what I’m about to write about, I wanted to add a bonus topic about tarantino’s general attitude when he’s creating his famous soundtracks.

why does he pick these songs?

what music did he grew-up on?

what’s the connection between the scenes and the music?


I’m looking for general matterial, about this brilliant director and the way he approaches soundtracks.

not specific for a movie, but generic.

if anyone could help, and direct me to an article or any other website, it would be great! I’d really appreciate the help, couse I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.

thanks a lot in advanced!!!

erez aviram

my email address:

any information will help.


Well there is a track on the Pulp Fiction Collectors Edition (Special Edition) Soundtrack where Tarantino talks about what you want to find out.

Yeah, the best that I’ve heard about how he picks his music etc came from the last track on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, go and buy it or borrow it from your library, it will have everything you need!