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Tarantinos genre selection?

as a movie lover my favourite type of movies were usually war movies then martial arts movies then i loved all the gangster heist and horror genres after.

I just love that Tarantino has started shooting a war movie after having done a martial arts movie (kill bill) a heist movie (reservoir dogs) a gangster movie (pulp fiction) blaxploitation (jackie brown) horror/slasher/exploitation (death proof).

i wonder if inglorious basterds will take the title of my favourite tarantino film from kill bill seeing as the war genre was slightly favoured over martial arts.

anyone else have a favourite qt film because it might be from genre selection even though every one of his films are amazing?! or what genre do you think hell do after i.b.?

My favourite genre is action, my least favourite genre is war movies.

He has done action in Kill Bill and Death Proof.

My fav. is Kill Bill Vol.2

As soon as the Whole Bloody Affair is released, it will most likely be my favourite.

What’s the Bloody Affair exactly ? I remember reading something about KB animated section but I never got to know what was this project about really.

As far as I remember, it’s the full version of KB (not yet released), like a directors cut, both movies as one and some extra stuff.