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Tarantino's Beverly Hills Cop 4

Various Sites are rumoring this through Eddie Murphys Interveiw:

He came to me with an idea for another Cop (Beverly Hills Cop), and we’ve been talking about that.

However Tarantino Recently commented: "ba ding ding ding ding di di ding ding bah bahbeday"

Ha, only joking about the last bit, but has got to just be talk…

Robert Rodriguez’s Conan 3 & Quentin Tarantino’s Beverly Hill’s Cop

What Is Happening?

What Is Happening?


people echoing stupid rumors without switching their brains on :slight_smile:

As much as I liked the Beverly Hills Cop movies when I was younger, I hope to God QT isn’t serious about that.


From AICN:

Quentin Tarantino to compose the next Axel F adventure in a new BEVERLY HILLS COP sequel? Bit on GRIND HOUSE!

Hey folks, Harry here… before this gets too out of hand - let’s clarify. Tarantino is not directing BEVERLY HILLS COP 4 - he has an idea for it. That’s all. No script. Probably nothing even written. But in talking to Mr Murphy about being a part of INGLORIOUS BASTARDS - he mentioned it. This is not totally unlike what was happening with that whole Tarantino to direct a FRIDAY THE 13th film or CASINO ROYALE. You see - Quentin - being a film geek - has “ultimate” ideas and notions for any franchise. “What I’d do is…” type stories he can tell. Now on FRIDAY THE 13th - it got a little further cuz he really did talk to New Line… but I’ve since learned that it was only ever his intention to PRODUCE it, not direct it. The next thing Quentin is shooting will be here in Austin, Texas with his buddy Robert Rodriguez and it’s called GRIND HOUSE.

Speaking of - at the SHARKBOY AND LAVAGIRL premiere here in Austin, I got to chat with Rodriguez about GRIND HOUSE quite a bit and this is really going to be a hardcore geekgasm of a flick. First - They’ll be getting very cool directors to create GrindHouse style trailers for fictional films to put between and before the film. As to who goes first? It seems that in California - Quentin’s hour will play first… In Texas - Robert’s hour will play first… and everywhere else - it’ll be projectionists’ discretion. Same with the order of the trailers before and between the “featured attractions”. They will be shot digitally - but in post - they’ll be made to have that flawed dirty, nappy - film stock changing at the “reel breaks” faded, pink, saturated 70’s film look. Sometimes there’ll be a “bad splice” to purposefully cause a missing piece of dialogue. In otherwords… it’ll be exactly like a GRIND HOUSE experience… only without the piss on the floor and rats residing in old discarded popcorn buckets in the theater. As for this BEVERLY HILLS COP 4 thing… nothing really to it.

oh my god, some stupid Dutch website has picked this up again, un-fucking-believable, they really fell for this damn rumor which dates back to JUNE 2005 (!!!

anyways, check out those stupid folks: