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Tarantino at LAX <LINK_TEXT text=“ … in-master/”></LINK_TEXT>

Posing on a sidewalk with random people <LINK_TEXT text=“ … p-fiction/”></LINK_TEXT>

why do these guys have to be such assholes?? I can totally understand Quentin. they talk random bullshit, they’re not interested in anything he’s really doing and they’re bothering him when he’s not out to say something to the public. they’d do the public a better good if they’d walk up to him with the camera off, ask him if he has 30 seconds for them and then switch the camera on and ask him hi how are you where have you been what’s next for you, do you have something to say to your fans etc…

They get paid more for footage of celebrities in unusual situations and when they are not posing for the camera. That’s how the paparazzi business works. Having Quentin stand and talk to the camera would automatically make the footage less valuable than the way it is right now.

It sucks to be a celebrity in some situations I guess.

sucks to be a lame-ass paparazzi, too :wink:

footage like that is really totally useless

Damn, how pathetic.

That LAX thing was a fucking useless waste of everyones time. I felt sorry for QT, it was like having a buzzing fly who talks circling your head.

Isn’t the paparazzi the worst kind of scum? It’s like gum you get on the bottom of your shoe that you cant seem to get off ;D

It’s funny how the paparazzi put their own fucked up slant on to things. In the second video, the comment reads:

The eccentric director hijacked a tourist couple’s sidewalk photo shoot outside Winston’s, jumping into their shots and making absurd faces and Vogue-like poses. The couple didn’t seem to mind though – they’ll go back to Ohio with photos of Tarantino!

Well I don’t know if the guy and the girl he’s posing with are a couple, but that guy is actually Edgar Wright! He was probably on a night out with them, saw some photographers so decided to pose for a laugh.