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Tarantino this week in Sitges

He will be this wednesday promoting Hostel

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he’s promoting that film? i heard he’s good friends with the director and liked Cabin Fever…

Then you heard right. There was even a poster of Cabin Fever in the CSI episode he directed.

I live in Las Vegas. Qt was here a few months ago to view the private screening of “Siren” . Good flick. He took pics with the cast and crew. I think he was there mainly though for CSI. Check out the trailer at This movie comes out in January on the Sundance Channel

Here is a little tv report from Stiges, it has extracts from the press conference. He talks about the trailer for Grind House :wink:

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If someone could do a short transcript of what QT says that would be great too.

he said “Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are back. But this time, they are too back”, copying a trailer-voiceover guy

back 2 back 8)

as in back in time

I just saw the trailer for “Hostel”, and it was a huge surprise to see the name “Quentin Tarantino” attached to it. I knew right away this was ridiculous; because if he really was a big part of this movie, I would know SOMETHING about it by now. So my question is…What part of this movie is Quentin affiliated with? He has to be a bigger part of it then just "friends with the director to have his name plastered on the bigscreen…what’s the deal?

It´s basically the same thing as with HERO - putting the “Quentin Tarantino presents” in front so the movie gets more attention and becomes easier to sell.

yeah, this time he even exec. produced it, read more here: