Tarantino-themed Halloween Outfit

…So, who’s having one? Me, personally, I’m wearing a PVC Kill Bill-style catsuit, and still tryin’ to get my boyfriend to go as a Crazy 88.

(Which is appropriate, considering when I first met him, I was dressed as Mr. Orange, complete with BBQ-flavoured fake blood-staining.)

SO. QT theme’d Halloween costume. WHO’S HAVING ONE. OR HAD ONE. I’M NOT FUSSY.

Photos when you has them.

I was thinking about dressing up as Col. Landa, but I’m not sure how well a Nazi costume would go over here. Probably much worse than Cartman’s Hitler costume went down on South Park. I do want to have a QT character halloween costume, but I don’t own a suit.

My friend once dressed up as Lance the Dealer, but everyone wanted to know why he thought Jesus was a redhead. Costume fail! I thought it was great, though.

Is there even one bad movie by Mr. Tarantino? I am yet to see one. If anyone knows of one please let me know.