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Tarantino themed event


Hi everyone.

I hope you can help. My friend and I arrange film themed events in the uk. This year we are delving into the world of Tarantino and really want to do it justice. I’m looking for some advice from the experts on what to do to make it really special. Ideas for entertainment, promotions, decorations etc.

In the past we have offered look-a-likes, actors doing scenes from the films, tailored cocktail lists, themed food etc. For example at our James Bond night we had casino tables, the cloakroom was Q branch and Miss Moneypenny greeted you at the door.

We want to appeal to tarantino experts and have hidden nods to different parts of films at times throughout the night as well as make it open to those that may not be that familiar with all of his work.

Some ideas so far are Jack Rabbit Slim’s dance contest, cocktails menu called “What colour are you?” (Dogs themed), tin can shooting alley, photobooth with props and sponsorship from a local burger diner.

Any help taking this further would be greatly appreciated!