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Hey there. Long time browser, first time posting a thread.

I collect screenplays in my spare time. My favourite writer, as well as Director, is of course Quentin. Not only does he have an incredible talent for writing fantastic stories but he also writes screenplays as i think they SHOULD be written, format-wise that is. ie, he doesn’t waste time writing long elabourate paragraphs/pages to describe tiny insignificant details. I’d like to think that you can watch one of his movies while reading the script in your hands and the movie wouldn’t get ahead of you, hopefully not anyway.

Anywho, It’s not a secret that Quentin’s screenplays leak onto the web almost instantly after he’s written them. Infact last May I came into possession of a .pdf file of the Django Unchained script 7 Days after he finished writing it. No word of a lie.

Anyway, I prefer having SCANNED copies of scripts, because digital copies are ones which have been re-typed by fans and usually have lots of mistakes and sometimes fans like to take the liberty of changing around a scene or two (case in point is a draft of True Romance I had once before). Although I’m happy to get any copy of a Quentin Script, Digital copies unfortunately just aren’t that reliable sometimes. Luckily, most of the scripts I have of his are scanned copies.

Alas, I do not have ALL of his scripts, although I do have most. He’s a fantastic writer and I love reading what he wrote on paper and comparing it to what ended up on screen.

Here’s what I do have:

Death Proof [SCANNED]

Django Unchained [SCANNED]

From Dusk Till Dawn [DIGITAL]

Inglourious Basterds [SCANNED]

Jackie Brown [SCANNED]

Kill Bill [SCANNED]

My Best Friend’s Birthday [SCANNED]

Natural Born Killers [DIGITAL]

Pulp Fiction [SCANNED]

Reservoir Dogs [SCANNED]

True Romance [DIGITAL]

Before anyone says it, yes I know you can buy them online. I may very well just buy one or two of 'em.

If anyone wants me to send them a script or two I’d be more than happy. But If anyone has a scanned version of some scripts I have in a digital format I’d love it if you’d send them on. Or a digital or scanned version of something I’m missing, like Four Rooms.

PS. Forgive me If there’s already a thread like this. I couldn’t find one.

It’s been a while. I hope you are still around. Is it possible you could send me Reservoir dogs?