Tarantino´s favourite movies 2011?

Is there any list?

Last year we had this cool special list here.

That would be nice too see. But he’s probably too busy to do one.

Incredible front page post! Wow, some really great movies and surprises. The Worst Movies list is pretty good. And brave. LOL.

I can imagine some of the flack he will receive by actually telling someone their movie sucked. LOL.

Thanks Quentin for taking the time to provide us a list in such detail.


Wow, nice list! Some surprising movies on the top list.

Thank you QT and Seb! :slight_smile:

putting quite a strain on our servers, too :slight_smile:

I’m glad to see Midnight in Paris at number 1. That was a great film! Didn’t know Tarantino was a Woody Allen fan.

Tarantino seems to be into shit movies.

I think everyone’s entitled to like whatever movies they like best. And as you know with lists, they’re always complicated :slight_smile:

What a horrible list he had though and im not the only one that thinks so. Seems like I disagree with his lists a little more each year.

I know there’s a lot of disagreement about this list. I like it. It’s diverse and seems based on personal taste instead of hype.

Did wonder why Girl with the dragon tattoo wasn’t included. But, maybe he hasn’t had time to see it yet. Who knows.

I think it’s good to disagree with the list in places. Just because he’s Quentin, doesn’t mean we should all follow blindly and say ‘yes, his word is golden’. For me, I look at it as a list of possibles. Not definite’s, make up your own mind.

I was disappointed that Tarantino put Drive in the Nice Try category. That was my favourite film of that year but again Tarantino is entitled to his opinions and choices like everyone else. I still need to see Midnight In Paris!