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Tarantino or Avary- dialogue

Can anyone tell me who wrote the dialogue for RD because on IMDB it says it was Roger Avary, is this true???

Nope - QT all the way. QT always writes his own dialogue. He even got in a friendly argument with Madonna about his Like A Virgin monologue.

I think QT wrote Reservoir Dogs pretty much alone. You can’t tell, of course.

with Pulp and true romance it’s different, because from reports and biographies we know that Avary’s influence there is a fact.

but who cares anyway

Did Quentin even know Rodger when he did Reservoir Dogs?

yes, they worked together in the Video Archives.

Avary is credited for making up the unaudible stuff we hear playing on the radio (Mr. White driving wounded Mr. ORange to the warehouse we hear stuff on the radio…ect.)

Thank God it was Tarantino!!

Look: let’s face facts. If it had been Avary 100%, don’t you think that QT would get in even more trouble (ie. all the people saying he’s just a glorified hack cuz he rips off all his favorite movies). If it had been Avary, I think more people would’ve heard of Killing Zoe instead of True Romance or Nat. Born Killers.

I think Avary helps him come up with the storylines, the work on those together, but Tarantino actually sits down and writes it.

Yeh, I read or heard somewhere that Avary comes up with the actual stories (or did), but Tarantino uses this and writes the actual screen play, dialogue, music to go in the scene etc and other stuff for it. I think he changes the story into what is considered appropriate to be put on the screen!