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Tarantino on Pop Idol and Simon Powell

You know that show with a bunch of sad hopefuls who go and audition to be the new pop idol (known as American Idol in the US). Our Quent’s a big fan… of Simon Powell (one of the judges) in particular by the looks of it. He admires his honesty. He was interviewed on TV today and he said he was a big fan. He said a bit more but I can’t remember much and I didn’t record it but … funny huh?

It’s Cowell…not “Powell” :wink:

But I’m not surprised. Quentin loves everything except Spike Lee and Oliver Stone :wink:

Plus QT was on those American Idol shows a few times in the audience.

He likes music, but I still don’t see how you like those singers (mainly all of them) because they just sing like Britney Spears or Christina Aguil-whatever…or Marvin Gaye and someother guy :wink:

Too me the only funny part in the show is the begining part where everyone auditions and is turned down for being so shitty.

But yeah, Simon is cool cause he don’t fuck around or nothing

why doesn’t he like spike?

why doesnt he like oliver didnt he write a movie for him (a.k.a natural born killiers) i know him and spike got there fued with the racist sayings (im on qts side)

I think Spike Lee’s a moron (not just because I like QT’s filsm better than Spike’s) it’s just, why the fuck make a big deal over the word nigger? I mean shit. It’s a fucking word. I hate fucking censors. FUCK THEM. FUCK THEM IN THE FUCKING FAGGOT FUCK ASS.

I mean, he just got pissed cause QT is white and all, but Tarantino is cool as fuck. I mean, the best part of that little “disagreement over nigger” was when Tarantino said something like," Spike’s just mad cause no one sees his films anymore" and Spike’s film at the time was #1 in the Box office. Thats funny :smiley:

Yeah, I hear ya. Spike Lee uses the word, why shouldn’t QT? Because he’s white? Fuck that. QT ain’t no fuckin racist, we know that for a fact because all his role models and idols were mostly black and oriental. Sure he uses “nigger” loosely, but really that’s how it is in real life. I hang around some white people like that, and they use the word a lot, it kind of pisses me off. But that’s how it really is, no need to tone it down to make everyone happy. QT certainly doesn’t falsely portray blacks in his movies. He doesn’t give them obvious stereotypes or whatnot, like all the other people do. Ordell and Jackie Brown had as much depth in character as Moogie and Da Mayor did in Do the Right Thing. I have no problem with QT’s views on whites using the “N” word. I’m sure he doesn’t, he fucking loves black people, he said it so himself. He went to an all black school, and his mom dated black men. He’s no stranger to them. Fuck Spike Lee, he’s just too ignorant to realize that racist white people in real life use the N word, and QT is just addressing that. QT is not justifying the N word, anyway. Spike is just too biased.

[quote]why doesnt he like oliver didnt he write a movie for him (a.k.a natural born killiers) i know him and spike got there fued with the racist sayings (im on qts side)[/quote]

well first of all it wasn’t FOR him, qt wrote it and stone bought it. second, stone fucked up the movie and it wasn’t what quinten had in mind at all and seeing as how it was HIS script that stone messed up hard feelings have come between them. other people feel free to add i don’t know as much about the fued.

Basically Quentin wrote a good script and Oliver Stone took a big red shit on it. I’d be pissed.