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Tarantino on Johnathon Ross show

In England we have a TV presenter who thinks hes daddy cool, he is funny to a certain extent.

Anyway, QT was on his show (Fri 03/10) talking about Kill Bill and how he had to wait for Uma Thurman - anyway he confirmed that Inglorious Bastards is his next film and that whilst waiting Uma he had written TWO world war screenplays - so whether he has plans to make to volumes - like Kill Bill or make two for some reason I dont know - but Inglorious Bastards is his next flm.

Johnathan Ross is very funny. >:(

I agree that Jonathan Ross is funny, but he’s not good enough for Tarantino, so Tarantino should of totally went on The Graham Norton show and i think i speak for everyone in Britain when i say ‘Now that would be funny’.

NO. not 2 volumes again. if there is one for each war, ok. but not splitting the movie in two again.

Jonathan Ross ross is funny but he’s also a film critic. if he had gone on The Graham Norton show kill bill would have been hardly mentioned. Tarantino would have just been made to play some stupid game.

[quote]NO. not 2 volumes again. if there is one for each war, ok. but not splitting the movie in two again. [/quote]

I agree if QT makes another two volume I’ll be very pissed off. Making two movies is one thing but making us see half a movie then wait half a year to see the other just makes me fucking mad

This has already been talked about before. A while back actually.

It’s not that he’s splitting it because of money or time reasons or anything, but Quentin wrote so much of it that he intends to make IB a trilogy. Or at least two movies.

as long as its not 2 halves im ok

I don’t think so. If it is two halves, it won’t be in the same way that Kill Bill was split.

So we’re good.

Man, the motherfucker needs to stop writing so fucking much.

[quote]Man, the motherfucker needs to stop writing so fucking much.[/quote]

I totally disagree with you there! The more projects he has to do the better, although I don’t want him to rush them or anything but aslong as he stays on the scene the better!!

i wouldnt care really if it were 2 parts… didnt care that KB was that way.


Friday Night with Jonathan RossÂÂ

10:35pm - 11:35pm GMT


VIDEO Plus+: 255604


A mix of music and celebrity chat with Jonathan Ross. This week’s guests include cult Kung Fu and Kill Bill star David Carradine and rock band Garbage.

Don’t forget his Radio Show on Saturday mornings from 10:00am GMT. Just in case Carradine might pop in. Then again, he might not but it is always worth a try.

I missed this episode a few years ago- I didn’t know he’d even been on the show until I noticed his picture in the Green Room. Does anyone know how I can see that episode ONLY and if he has been on again prior or since?

I have the show on tape somewhere…I cant find a download…its from october 2003 I think…

I saw that show, it was great. He also had Uma Thurman on. It came on UK Gold 2 a few months ago, they show old Jonathan Ross shows, so you might want to check that channel out.

They keep moving that Tarantino picture around, but they always have it in a place where you can see it in every episode of the show.

It was quite amusing yesterday on Tonight With Jonathan Ross where Pamela Anderson was on. Ross told her that he wanted to see more of her in films and TV. Then he said “Why don’t you call Tarantino, he might have a role for you” and she replied “Well, call him then” and he said “Oh, he doesn’t listen to me”.

haha what a legend

A couple of pics os J.R with Q.T at the London Kill Bill Premier:

are their also pics of Ross trying to take a shit in that yellow suit? that was funny :slight_smile:

Yeah, but these were not on the show. Remember Ross said that he would wear the jumpsuit at the premier,

Q was like “Are you serious!?” and he did actully wear it! 8)