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Tarantino likes Crazytown

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LAZYTOWN ROCKS!!! Cept for Sporticus’s accent… ;D

(edit: Seriously, I have a lot of the songs from that show on my mp3 player!)

LMAO. That means I should give the show another chanche! Quentin is usually right!

Oh dude, my 6 year old kid doesn’t even like Lazy Town as much as I do. Hahaha.

I liked the energy and the stlye, but everytime I saw those ugly giant-mouthed plastic kids, I got scared/angry and changed the channel.

Haha, yeah, they’re shite. But I love the colours, and dancing and singing. And Robbie Rotten is the funniest/lamest villian ever! This show is brilliant.


That’s just wrong.

HOLY SHIT!!! I was just watching some clips on youtube, WHEN the fuck did those kids become BRITISH?:!!!