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Tarantino - Left from Right?

This maybe a stupid question, but does Quentin Tarantino know his left from his right??

I was watching part of Jackie Brown yesterday and part of Kill Bill today and realised (i actually realised these months ago but was bored so decided to make a topic bout it now!) that in the scene at the start of Jackie Brown, Ordell means to skip ahead but presses ‘rewind’ on the remote instead of ‘fastforward’! Also, in KB: Volume 1, Michael Parks takes off his glasses from left to right diagonaly, but the green wipe effect occurs from left to right diagonally which is another ‘mistake’. Another thing which i realised was that, in the O-Ren scene when they’re sitting round the table, the Bride says “To O-Rens right” when in fact the person she is referring to is on O-Rens left!

These are only some i spotted and not deliberately and so i bet if someone does so in all four of the great mans films, you’ll be able to find more instances where Quentin Tarantino has mixed up his left from his right! He may have done this on purpose for a specific reason or something but I don’t know! Have any of you spotted a ‘mistake’ like this???

Those are just simple continuity errors. Theyre in movies all the time. You have to be completely retarded in order to confuse your left and right. He knows.

Actually, in Jackie Brown, Ordell says “let’s rev this up,” so that doesn’t really count.

Yeah i don’t think a genius like QT is that dumb lol just a continuity thing i think

Maybe he just chose stupid actors who don’t know their lefts from their rights.

or, OR, Ify is stupid and every post he makes is of complete horseshit. No, not bullshit, horseshit specifically.

LOL! sounds more like it lol

[quote]or, OR, Ify is stupid and every post he makes is of complete horseshit. No, not bullshit, horseshit specifically.[/quote]

Oh come on, not all the posts I make are shit! I have to bring some variety to these boards, they’re gettin kinda dull and borring. I’m just trying to make them interesting, but the majority of my posts arent shit, just the recent ones for the reasons i have just said! If someone says something stupid or weird, more people post in, so it worked didn’t it!!

is qt dyslexic maybe? coz ify has a point it isnt really a continuity error in the o ren example since he obviously created the visualisation to go with the dialogue. maybe hes just lazy about things like that, or its a case "my right or your right"

though yeah that mistake in jackie brown is blatant!

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ah mistakes are in movies all the time! nobody is perfect!

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in pulp fiction when bruce willis takes the sword off of the the door it is facing one way, then its facing the other way. no big deal.

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Yeh i know movies have many mistakes in them. I’m not saying they haven’t, i’m not saying they’re shit movies if they do. All im saying is that i’ve encountered a few ‘mistakes’ where the left and right is mixed up.

A funny thing to watch is in VoL 2 of kill bill. When bud is getting chewed out by his boss, keep an eye on the schedual. THe crazy scribblings that the boss makes while crosses out Buds hours constantly changes. This is obviously due to teh many takes for the scene, but its funny to watch becuase there are some really random ass scribbles after a while.

That left-right thing happens alot in movies. There’s a part of the Lion King that always bothered me as a kid. When Simba sings about wanting to be king he says, " everybody looks left, everybody looks right" and the animals run in the wrong direction.

Sometimes they do it purposefully because they think the audience is stupid. I hate that.

She says ‘The lady on O-ren’s righ’’ because she speaks to the viewers and from a viewers standpoint, she is standing right from O-ren.

Nope. When someone says to X’s right it means to THEIR right. So when she says to O-Ren’s right, she means to O-Ren’s right, not our right otherwise she would have said “To the right of O-Ren” or “To our/your right”

To be 100% hones i know my left and right but i have to make an L on my left hand in order to rememeber it. Its actually a common thing to confuse your left and right.

[quote]Its actually a common thing to confuse your left and right.[/quote]
No it’s not.