The Quentin Tarantino Archives logo mentioned in 'The Guardian'

#1 mentioned in ‘The Guardian’ I know it was over a year ago, an I did read it in the paper then!.. did mean to poster earlier, buy hey had stuff to do… anyway anybody here about this? The Guardian is quite a well known and respected news paper…

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“It would take a cinephile as nerdy as Tarantino himself to account for the exact details of what’s being referenced when and how - and, of course, there are plenty of those. The Quentin Tarantino Archives fansite ( identifies some 80 movies that inspired Kill Bill, from Hitchcock’s Marnie (“has the exact same nurse-walking-down-corridor scene”) to Japanese retro-horror Goke: Bodysnatcher From Hell (“for the orange sunset sky behind the plane”).”


yeah I knew that one :slight_smile:

Been in a couple magazines as well. Always nice to see something like that


wow that’s pretty cool 8)


and KABOOOM mentioned in LE MONDe:

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Nice! Congrats on the mention!


and KABOOOM mentioned in LE MONDe:

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Translation, anyone?



i commissioned translations. stay tuned


I am tuned. Tuned like a Foxhound on morphine!