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Tarantino-Influenced Films

Don’t know if a topic like this exists, but I was just wondering, what are some of the Tarantino-esque films that came out in the wake of Pulp Fiction?

A complete list of these would be awesome, but I suppose that’s a bit too much to hope for.

Yes, I think it’s a bit too much to hope for too.

Anyway, we could have a discussion about this, posting about films that relate to Tarantino’s to some extent, in our opinon.

I’d say In Bruges. An amazing movie that somewhat made me think of Tarantino’s at some points, although it’s a lot more emotionally driven than any movie QT has released. I think I got this idea because of the dialogs. God I fucking love this movie.

Yes, I just put a movie title in bold, I hate people who do that on forums.

Ahah, I hate that too, titles in bold are a bit cheap.

Anyway, classics but always very Tarantino-esque, every Guy Richie movies, especially his first two features.

Btw I think we already had a topic answering that question - if I find it, I’ll merge both topics.

Well theres a porno version of Pulp Fiction if thats what you’re after.