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Tarantino in new documentary about 70s/80s Australian cinema (Ozploitation)

I can’t find a separate trailer, so you will have to fast forward three-quarters of the way through Madman’s cinema 2006 trailer to see this particular part, but if you want to:

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In the trailer, Tarantino says:

"Nobody shoots a car the way Aussies do. They manage to shoot cars with this fetishistic lense that just makes you want to jerk off."

Then it shows all these clips from Aussie films with big muscle cars and such racing and crashing and exploding and shit.

Then Tarantino: "Consider this my complete endorsement of Not Quite Hollywood."

And from the ffc website:


City Films Worldwide Pty Ltd

Executive Producer: Jonathan Shteinman

Producers: Craig Griffin, Michael Lynch

Director/ Writer: Mark Hartley

Synopsis: Not Quite Hollywood is the wild, wonderful, untold story of ‘Ozploitation’ cinema - that is, Australian genre cinema of the 70’s and 80’s. This documentary feature film looks at a unique period in Australian history, when a lifetime of savage censorship suddenly ended, and Australian film-makers created an abundance of ‘free-wheeling’ sex romps, blood soaked terror tales and high-octane action extravaganzas which found enthusiastic audiences in Australia and around the world.

I would agree: The Road Warrior would be impressive even by today’s standards. I wonder if they don’t have the same safety regulations as they do in the U.S.?

I seriously doubt that we do. We don’t have an established studio system. So, even if there were safety regulations, nobody really gave a fuck, cause it was all pretty much independent. George Miller (director of the Mad Max films) was said to have crashed his own car in one of the scenes cause of their tight budget.

Another interview with Tarantino on Ozploitation:

“FANG: Besides the Asian stuff, what movies have you been into lately?

TARANTINO: I’m really, really getting into Australian genre movies, Australian action movies. I call it Aussie-exploitation. I’m a real big fan of Australian horror films from the late ’70s and the ’80s. Ever see the movie BODY MELT? That was great! The best movie of its kind since RE-ANIMATOR. I thought that movie was fantastic! If I hadn’t gone on a website in Australia and got some copy off a computer, I never would have seen it. And I went to see the Australian zombie movie UNDEAD, and I really like it, but I like BODY MELT more. My only problem with UNDEAD was I had just seen BODY MELT and I preferred that. It blew me away. I had invited a whole bunch of friends over to watch it, and we were all like, “Wow, this movie is so cool!� [Ed. note: BODY MELT gets a VHS rerelease and DVDebut November 25 from Vanguard.] And there are a couple of really good slasher films out of Australia, like this movie called HOUSEBOAT HORROR. I’m not a fan of these movies shot on video, and that was so far my favorite one I’ve seen on tape. And there is this really cool old one from the early ’80s called FAIR GAME, about killers after these three girls. No matter what Aussie-exploitation movie it is, whether it’s horror or whatever, there are always some big car chases in it.

Hey, have you seen the Australian horror film about the giant crocodile called DARK AGE? Isn’t that great! That’s becoming one of my very favorite Australian movies of all time! That’s a really good movie! The characters are great in it, the acting is terrific and at the end it almost turns into FREE WILLY, you’re actually on the crocodile’s side. But with all that aboriginal stuff, it’s so good, I’ve shown it to three different friends and I ask, “Is this movie as good as I think it is?â€? When I get off of Mt. Everest here [i.e. the KILL BILL editing suite], I’d be really interested in writing a little piece for FANGORIA about Aussie-ploitation. It’s time that we started paying respect to Down Under and their drive-in movies, like DEAD END DRIVE-IN.”

Just to clear something up:

Ozploitation = The Land of Oz exploitation

Aussploitation = Australian exploitation.

Its funny QT says hes not a fan of films shot on video because I got this box set of Australian horror-thrillers called Savage Sinema. Now, if theres anything about movies I hate, its when theyre shot in that cheap home video-digital-bad lighting-fake style. I literally cant/refuse to watch anything thats not shot on real film or digital that looks like film. S

Just to clear something up:

Ozploitation = The Land of Oz exploitation

The land of Oz? That would be us! ;D

Follow the yellow brick road to Oztralia! :slight_smile:

Follow the yellow brick road to Oztralia! :slight_smile:


I hope Tarantino references some Australian horror films in Death Proof. Seeing as his is about a killer car.

The land of Oz? That would be us! ;D

LoL… I just read this topic i actually didnt like Undead all that much but Body Melt sounds great reading about it but looks… :-</E> …Ozploitation? cool… and people say Horror isnt big in Australia well just see a about that… im working on right now…

so when’s that stuff gonna be on tv?

Not Quite Hollywood

No Plot synopsis yet…

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Very cool.

[quote]NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD is the wild, untold story of “OZPLOITATION” movies - a time when Australian cinema got its gear off and showed the world a full-frontal explosion of sex, violence, horror and foot-to-the-floor, full bore action! Jam packed full of outrageous anecdotes, lessons in maverick filmmaking and a genuine, infectious love of Australian movies, NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD is a fast moving journey through Aussie genre cinema of the 70s and early 80s - an unjustly forgotten cinematic era unashamedly packed full of boobs, pubes, tubes… and even a little kung fu. [/quote]

Release dates: Australia 2008

Lucky bastards :smiley:

Not only is our man QT in it, but also Brian Trenchard Smith, director of such classics as BMX Bandits (QT favourite) and Escape 2000. I’m so looking forward to seeing this documentary.

Angel, wherever you are. We could use a nice review of this for The Deuce! :slight_smile:

Angel, wherever you are. We could use a nice review of this for The Deuce! :slight_smile:

Consider it done as soon as it hits theatres. :smiley:

Thanks mate! :slight_smile:

I love listening to Quentin talk about movies I don’t know. I can’t wait to see this! I hope it comes out here sooner than '09, or at least goes on region 4 DVD before that.

Looks like the release date isn’t until the 1st of July this year. The poster is awesome though.

The biggest picture I could find:

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Tarantino is amazing. He knows everything about movies. I didn’t even know Australia made movies in the 70’s. :smiley: