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Tarantino in a George A. Romero Documentary(2008)

An A-list cast of filmmakers including Robert Rodriguez, Stephen King, Carpenter. . .

haha…but of course!


cant wait for this.

I managed to find the opening of this documentary, it looks very powerful, QT appears for a few seconds. It really looks promising. I can’t wait to see it.

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Wow this looks really good. when is the release date?

That looks great. I wanna see it. George looks so different from the old days. I think its the big glasses he wears.

He also quit drinking, he had a beer gut back then. He also quit smoking for a while but then started again, that can’t be too good for his lungs. :-</E>

The documentary wil be playing in select cities sometime near 2008. But very little is known on the actual release date. BTW, Jack’s Wife is known as Season Of The Witch, in case you were confused, I haven’t seen the film, it’s never available at amazon, but I really want to watch it.