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Tarantino hatching a Star Trek movie idea

Interesting article

Someone made it into a trailer already :slight_smile:

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Oh, if only most of them weren’t dead. Great trailer. LOL

I just started watching Discovery so I want to steer clear of spoilers.

This is such a bizarre development though and I have no idea what to expect at this point. I would still be surprised if QT ended up directing it himself, but stranger things have happened I guess. One thing I’m fairly sure of is that he will not want it to be his final film, so we may end up getting one extra out of him because of this.

We know too little

Shat is down

I think it’s kind of funny how all of these Star Trek actors are chomping at the bit to reprise their roles for a chance to work with Quentin. I mean of course they are, but I still think it’s funny. But ultimately he has to tell the story he wants to tell in whatever timeline makes sense for that story, and with whatever characters belong there. I think the current state of the franchise is perfect for him to either send it off in a fresh new direction or to create some bizarre one-off that harkens back to some other era. Paramount doesn’t seem to know where to go with it now anyway.

So yeah

Personally, I think QT should keep his pen out of this franchise. As fun as it might sound. It would be a cluster fuck of what direction to take. Everyone would be expecting violence and swearing and the Trekkies are VERY particular about sticking to the facts of the Star Trek Universe. It’s dizzying.

I feel he would have to compromise too much of his style to please two different audiences.

Star Trek shmar trek :wink:

Not much news here

Still all very speculative at this point

Sounds like fun

Sounds better and better

Nothing’s off the table

Bring it

There is incredibly little (credible) information in this clickbait piece

It might be off the table

… at least QT directing