Tarantino hatching a Star Trek movie idea

It’s not the first time Tarantino has dipped his toes into this direction, but this time it seems to materialize… or rather, it might, as JJ Abrams seems to generally be on board with it… Interesting, I might get my wish: Tarantino directing a Sci-Fi movie :slight_smile:

Do read this then:


Samuel L as Mr Spock: "Ive had it with these Monday to Friday Klingons on this melonfarmin ship!



Probably not though

or maybe?

Gotta be honest, not a fan of the idea. Tarantino has always excelled at adapting his own material, i am leery of this, not to mention him being stifled by a PG-13 rating. And him having to listen to a studio, i hope this falls apart. Sorry.

Have never been much of a Treky. I’d pass.

Some of these reactions are hilarious

Honestly not a fan of Star Trek but the ideas are fascinating.

Look for a Quentin Tarantino R-Rated STAR TREK film coming to a theater near you!

“Revenge is a dish best served cold” - Old Klingon Proverb

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holy shit, this sounds mighty concrete… dayum, I never thought that


Wow, shocked. No idea how this will turn out but f it lets do it!

I wonder if Disney screwing him with H8 has anything to do with the motivation behind this?

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Wrote up a few wise words

Picard seems down with it :slight_smile:

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He’s got a point

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100% true. QT will make Star Trek a cool thing again with his style, not just a fun adventure.

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Frakes on QT

I still don’t know if I like this idea. Yeah, he could make it edgier. But the Trekkies are gonna be ALL OVER this shit with how well it fits into the Star Trek universe. Risky as hell. But then again, it’s Tarantino! Time will tell.

Its a QT Star Trek film. I say throw your expectations out the window and just go with it. Hes going to break some plates Im sure. But thats part of why we go see his movies.

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Interesting article

Someone made it into a trailer already :slight_smile:

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Oh, if only most of them weren’t dead. Great trailer. LOL

I just started watching Discovery so I want to steer clear of spoilers.

This is such a bizarre development though and I have no idea what to expect at this point. I would still be surprised if QT ended up directing it himself, but stranger things have happened I guess. One thing I’m fairly sure of is that he will not want it to be his final film, so we may end up getting one extra out of him because of this.