Tarantino Documentary


Hey everyone, I’m new here.

I was wondering, if you guys were making a film documentary about the life of QT how would you make it? For example: Where would you start it/end it. The music you’d use. Whether you’d have Quentin in the film himself.


that’s a cool question. I would definitely ditch the whole idea of a documentary and go with “a day in the life of…” format, or “an evening out with…” and use that as the framework. so i would sit down and talk about something and then cut in documentary aspects, footage, etc…


Yeah! That’s a pretty cool idea. I could watch 8 hours of Quentin just doing stuff and talking, he’s just that cool. I reckon I would make it a sort rags to riches film, however I would cut it of early. he very second when Harvey Keitel clled him.


I’d interview all kinds of people from the film industry, people he’s worked with and people he’s not worked with and just simply ask them what they think about Tarantino, and get them to go into details about all their thoughts on Tarantino. Doesn’t have to be positive only. Then if you’re lucky to also include some interview with him that makes it even better.