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Tarantino as Piringo in Sukiyaki Western Django

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that is amazing news. but I’d rather this just be one of the fake trailers for grind house, haha ;_)

Tarantino’s character is supposedly called Ringo, according to a follow-up story at


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Sounds too good (And crazy) to be true!

Ah great news, thx Seb for posting it :wink: And since Django was already a very good spaghetti western, I guess an asian version meeting an original italian movie, and mixing US culture can be really interesting !

Sounds too good (And crazy) to be true!

Holy fucking shit…indeed too fucked up and heaven to be true. 8)

I can’t say I’m the biggest Miike fan, but I’d like to see how he does a Western. QT being in it will be interesting to see as well.

w00t! This will be an excellent addition to my Tarantino collection and my Miike collection. I cannot wait. ;D 8)

of course here’s harry’s buzz on it:

nothing exciting…

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this is better.

Tarantino’s characters is a “mystery man”, most likely called “Ringo”…

Haven’t watched it in awhile, but wasn’t there a Ringo in the original Django? The guy with the buck teeth. Is that who QT will reprise? ;D

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and an update:

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and a somewhat confusingly machine-translated version of the Japanese news page it was taken from…

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some things to note: you can kinda piece it together, usinga little common sense.

Tarantino’s part in the movie is as “Ringo” which is also the Japanese word for “apple”, so you’ll see “apple” in there.

also the Japanese phrase for “spaghetti western” is “macaroni western”…


2006 November 20th renewal

With the Japanese “first� all the compilation English movie the Japanese “departure� overseas release range of vision!

It is in the midst of struggling with set of the mud area which common sense of the western film, sand and dust which dries the spots is torn Kimura it is good (from the left) 乃, Sato Hiroshi city, Itoh Hideaki, Isetani friend mediating/helping, the pink well fragrance, Masanobu Ando. The [u] - it is, it is chaotic, = Yamagata Tsuruoka city

 Harmony make western film “[sukiyakiuesutanjiyango]� of first all the compilation English in Japanese painting history (Miike 崇 history supervision, fall of next year release) production interview on the 19th, was done with location set of Yamagata Tsuruoka city. Besides the fact that in starring Itoh Hideaki (31), Sato Hiroshi city (45) and others the great actor was gathered in coaction, [kuentein] [taranteino] of American supervision (43) you perform. Furthermore, the fact that subject song is sung Saburo Kitajima of the ballad singer (70) with is the line-up which is too luxurious. “Duel� is challenged to the world with the chaotic unique work which exceeds common sense in the Japanese painting.


 It was defeated to the United States and Italy and the harmony make western film = sukiyaki western which inserted overseas release in range of vision with the [ji] and all the compilation English started.

 As for the same work, loving Miike supervision, Italy that, the Spanish joint work “the carefulness stick of the continuation wilderness� ([serujio] [korubutsuchi] supervision, 1966) with it lifts up [omajiyu], the story which makes source flat battle fuse. Overhead village Yuda where the Heike gang and the demagnetization gang are opposed in the stage, helping the resident, it fights, roaming the arm gunman (Itoh) participating is drawn enormously.

 This day approximately 150,000,000 Yen photographing the scene and the like of gun battle with set of the same village which was spent. Itoh who rode the horse runs, the descent road of approximately 140 meters which go through the center of town the middle, announcing the cancer/gun action which shoots the gun in the looking back [za] [ma]. In speed of remainder, the ten which has been worn gallon it is the impassioned performance where the hat blows off. Cast position approximately 2 months before the photographing, the English coach who was called from Hollywood, repeated intensive training under the horse and the cancer/gun action respective trainer.

 As for Itoh “we love the western film in interview after the photographing, but English, the gun round and round, it rides the horse…. You tried how to do. When the [demo] it tries doing, being pleasant, when we would like to do also the continuation, you think from now�, that the way of favorableness was reported.

 On the one hand, as for Miike supervision, thinking that with the human who “changes Hollywood common sense into appointment of [taranteino] supervision, it is agreeable to this work. I appeared in that movie ‘hostel’, dieâ€?. Prominent figure sub of the ballad boundary “the continuation wilderness -â€? Japanese lyric edition “of [jiyango] of theme tune roamingâ€? is sung as a subject song, but “to put out to the foreign country, the kana where ballad is agreeableâ€? it is original idea. It photographs to the earlier December.

  • In the United States “you do seriously in direct offer of [taranteino] supervision and the Miike supervision which seal the actor industryâ€?

     The schedule where [taranteino] supervision now visits Japan to end of the month, faces to photographing at Tokyo studio. The part which with man apple part of the puzzle which appears in the scene of beginning, the pink well fragrance (54) are the woman hit man, and the love relations which dress up the resident of the village which is played fight with the unpublished Japanese cast. It visits america and according to the Miike supervision which it offers directly “he however in the United States the actor industry was sealed, that you do seriously, calls this work and has prepared�. It may be able to expect the mysterious performing above the supervision work.

  • Western

     Source language of western film. The american western development era (18 century latter half ~19 centuries) the work which is drawn. After that, the Italian make western film which is mass-produced to 60~70 age was called the macaroni western. From Hollywood make, cruel violence and [waru] which is symbolized to the lively gunfight [teisuto] with is a special feature, [taranteino] supervision the large fan. In the United States and Europe it called the spaghetti, but it assumes that in Japan the Yodogawa Choji of the movie critic and others “with the spaghetti being thin, it is weak�, that you said, were renamed to the macaroni.

I dont think its related to this film, but theres a 60s Spaghetti Western called A Pistol For Ringo (sequel: The Return of Ringo). It was one of the first ones made in the genre.

Takashi Miike doing a western? could you ask for anything more wonderful?

Yes, Martin Scorsese or QT doing a Western. Now THAT would rock. At least there would be a good story going on.

What is so great about Miike? I’ve seen alot of his films and I cant see why guys like Eli Roth (another director I’m really not that impressed by) and QT think hes so cool. Can someone explain the big attraction of his movies to me?

Can someone explain the big attraction of his movies to me?

The originality of his movies is what does it for me. Since Miike’s a director-for-hire (Which is why he makes so many damn movies) he takes whatever script and pushes these movies to a level that one would not expect.

Which movies of his have you seen?

I own/have seen Ichi, Audition, The Black Society Trilogy (Shinjuku Triad Society, Ley Lines, Rainy Dog) Young Thugs (Innocent Blood/Nostalgia), MPD Psycho series (only watched the first episode of this), Sabu and Bird People In China. While I liked a few, they arent films I’d want to really watch again. I dont hold any of them in high regard. I dont think banging out one film after another makes a director great and I dont think his incredible style is strong enough to make the films. I think if Miike slowed down and made 1 or 2 really good standout films a year (bigger budgeted maybe), it would be better than shooting 30 or 40 mediocre low budget films that just get thrown in the pile. Its just my opinion after watching a variety of his stuff.

Yes, Martin Scorsese or QT doing a Western. Now THAT would rock. At least there would be a good story going on.


Yes, that would fucking kick ass.

A Miike western, interesting.

Pete, (Given your taste in film) I’m actually surprised that you (at least) didn’t connect with Rainy Dog. That movie had such a distinct Mann/Melville touch to it that I still regard it as Miike’s best straight-forward crime drama. It’s the type of movie that John Woo was inspired by, but failed to ever make.

Try and give it another look if you’re willing to give it another chance.

LB, I didnt hate Rainy Dog, it was pretty good (I’ll rewatch it and see what I think a second time). Out of that Trilogy I liked Shinjuku Triad Society the most actually. I just feel overall, Miike would make better films if he didnt spread himself so thin. I like portions of his films instead of the entire things. I wish I could watch one from beginning to end and really feel impacted by it and have it be a favorite movie, but I just can’t. ‡

So has Tarantino been confirmed yet? I see that it’s in post production now, so we should know.

QT in another acting appearance “Ringo”; this film is set to be released in April 28th.

Seriously? I knew it was coming but not that soon.