Tarantino and The Who


punk starts with richard hell, he built the stage the ramones played on, he provided the attitude in performance (hence getting kicked out of television, or at least getting told off by verlaine a lot) and he wore safety pins on his jeans coz he couldnt afford new ones! Mcclaren saw him and went back home to stock up his ‘Sex’ clothes shop with that style and formed the pistols. He even asked the sex pistols to write their own version of hell’s ‘Blank Generation’, which became 'pretty vacant.'

but yeah one time pete townshend was gonna beat up johnny rotten for taking the piss out of sixties bands but rotten told him how much he loved The Who. coz the who were like the street kids, shooting speed, well dressed and violent, compared to the stones who were more ‘rock’ - or stars - if you know what i mean? and the clash’s ‘clash city rockers’ fucks up the riff from ‘i cant explain’. so the who were a big influence on punk, as were all the garage bands like MC5, stooges etc. but punk as a sound / movement really starts with hell then goes through to the ramones who then went and played a show in england which really got the uk punk scene goin (though the clash and pistols had already formed by then).

who gives a shit if tarantino doesnt like the who? i dont really care much for them either, though it could be the idea of 50/60something rockers still going at it live with their shirts off etc that he hates.

i was more surprised that he once said that he couldnt live without bob dylan’s ‘blood on the tracks’!


Um…haha…this is laughable. The Who were one of the pioneers of punk music. This is fact. There were others, of course, but The Who (although not exactly punk MUSIC, most definitely held that punk ATTITUDE) – not only with their songs rebelling against authority and older generations, but also because of the smashing up of instruments on stage. They directly influenced bands like The Clash, The Ramones, and The Sex Pistols. Pete Townshend is also often times referred to as the "godfather of punk."

JUST so you know. :wink:

No offence, but did you get that info off wikipedia or something? coz you said you didnt even know who The Who were til like two months ago which i find astonishing! i cant think of ANY punk bands who actually destroyed their instruments on stage - they couldnt afford to. johnny ramone used to look after his guitar religiously (even if he was so broke he had to carry it around in a bag).

its only coz of grunge (‘when punk finally broke in america’ as some people put it) that people associate smashing guitars with punk


Over the last few years I’ve grown to love the Who, more even than a previous favorite Led Zeppelin. I think the Who can easily be classified as a main influence of punk. Attitude was the main thing, I mean Keith Moon was a crazed alcoholic drug addict who was known to tear shit up everywhere he went. The most famous story about him is driving a rolls royce into a pool. The who, in the sixties played music for the street rats and hoodlums. It was rebellious, energetic, and fast. It was later with thier more popular stuff that they influenced many other types of music to come. Other artists who I would correlate with punk from the 60’s and early seventies, Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, Iggy Pop, David bowie, The Doors, fuck even the Beach Boys(that’s who the Ramones tried to model themselves after).


Does anyone else hate the who? I mean when I think of all the great old rock in roll band the who isnt even close. And for “The Who” for creating punk well that just bullshit no one knows who exactly created punk, it could have been Ramones,Iggy Pop,or Lou Reed does it really matter punk is great and beats any shit they play today. And also Pete Townshend is a pervert!


My Generation is one of the greatest songs evah! >:(


Its okay but I rather listen to I wanna be sedated


The Who’s Kicks Ramones ass even though i love them both… Led Zeppelin sucks btw


[quote=“Bad Max”]
The Who’s Kicks Ramones ass even though i love them both… Led Zeppelin sucks btw

Then you obviously haven’t listend to Led Zeppelin play :wink: and are only making an assumption…unless you have only heard a few songs. They are one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Even my radio station dedicates a whole entire hour to the band each day. How could you say that ? :o :o :o




I never liked Led Zeppelin. I dont like Robert Plants whiny bitch voice. The musicianship is great, but its not my style.

I dont particularly like The Who either, or Pink Floyd. That kind of music is stuff I grew up on, but its like Ive moved past it and think its almost cheesy in a way. I never listen to it anymore.

I do like 60s garage rock/psychadelic rock alot, and punk and most new wave. I also hate bad hair metal and most 80s cheesy hard rock.


Oh god bad metal hair bands are so bad think god grunge(Nirvana) came and killed them all :slight_smile:


Pink Floyd is the g[quote=“PopeyePete”]

I dont particularly like The Who either, or Pink Floyd.
Pink Floyd is the best band ever!


Im sure IFY is gonna give you the business Pete Hahaha!


I love The Who, but not particularly Pink Floyd too :-X


Pink Floyd are SHIT! I mean are THE Shit! Just kiddin’ they’re good but I dont listen to them really.


Why do we even have a topic on the who they didnt even matter…we should have topic called, " Tarantino and Pink Floyd"


I’ve yet to meet someone who outright doesn’t like Pink Floyd. I don’t mean to sound pretentious or even condescending, but a lot of people who claim to dislike Floyd probably don’t get the music. They probably don’t get the lyrics. Try listening to “Echoes” from the Meddle album by yourself in a room with your eyes closed. You will be taken on an epic journey. No band can match that.

Saying Pink Floyd are cheesy is rather confusing. What’s so cheesy about them?

They really worked on their weaknesses to bring something truly brilliant. Their albums are very different from each other, yet they still managed to produce music of the highest quality. Their songs have meaning, they manage to move you, they are in depth. The strong structures are genius.

Shit, I mean David Gilmour, who has reached the age of 60 can still outshine any guitarist out there. In fact, he has only but improved.

It was cool for Scorsese to put Comfortably Numb on the Soundtrack to The Departed. He has always had really good musical tastes.


I think that Tommy and The Wall equally sucked. As far as music goes, yeah…The Who and Pink Floyd were great bands, but I ain’t gonna build them a fucking shrine in my basement. Ify, if you like music so damn much…why don’t you go to a store and buy a Fender Stratocaster and a Fender Twin Reverb Amp and learn to play like Gilmour…it will be a lot more interesting than hearing you talk about him all of the fucking time. Once you learn to play the guitar you will see that his shit isn’t really that spectacular.


I really think Pink Floy are good, I just dont really listen to their music much. I grew up listening to it, so I know it from front to back. I love The Wall music and movie too. I just have different tastes these days.


I really think Pink Floy are good, I just dont really listen to their music much. I grew up listening to it, so I know it from front to back. I love The Wall music and movie too. I just have different tastes these days.

Yeah, I hear ya. My musical tastes are so varied, and have varied over time. It’s just that at the moment I’m at a time when nothing could be sweeter to listen to than The Pink Floyd!! My dad has always liked them since the late 60’s/early 70’s.