Tarantino and The Who


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I think that Tommy and The Wall equally sucked. As far as music goes, yeah…The Who and Pink Floyd were great bands, but I ain’t gonna build them a fucking shrine in my basement. Ify, if you like music so damn much…why don’t you go to a store and buy a Fender Stratocaster and a Fender Twin Reverb Amp and learn to play like Gilmour…it will be a lot more interesting than hearing you talk about him all of the fucking time. Once you learn to play the guitar you will see that his shit isn’t really that spectacular.

I’m studying for a degree in Psychology. If I could afford it and had the time I would! :wink:


Psychology…hmm…so you are familiar with the term delusional? ::slight_smile:


Thought I would bring up how much the who suck…:slight_smile:


Pete Townshend is a kiddie fiddler.


Yeah fucking freak so is that glitter guy


Pete Townshend is a kiddie fiddler.
Not to mention that latest travesty of an album he and Daltrey have put out sounds like a sack of slowly drowning kittens. It’ the come-back from Hades.


The Who rocks! But not as much ad The Rolling Stones 8)


Him mentioning the Who/ Pete in Death Proof may set this topic in a new direction…

Or was it just the opinion of the characters in his movie?


I thought the same. But I guess QT played with that reference since everybody talks about him and The Who. Some sort of private joke.


I think QT has a point when he says The Who are a band everyones supposed to like. He actually said that a few years ago, so that Dave Dee/Pete Townshend ref is def his own feelings. I feel that way about Led Zeppelin. I really dont like their music. Although theres a few songs I can stand. I fuckin hate Plants screechy bitch voice too.


He has a point…kinda…BUT this only esthablishes the Who as one of the big bands ever, as it is.

If a band or movie or director is in the category “supposed to like” its fucking good. Now, your personal disliking of it may be a fact. But you cant get around the fact that you put it in this category. You may hate the beatles, the rolling stones, the who or certain directors…but putting them in a category “supposed to like” says actually that they are great, but you dont like them personally.


Zeppelin rules. As fair as it goes Zeppelin beats all the old bands from the 60’s/70’s (this includes The rolling stones,pink floyd,the who, and the beatles…)


I gotta go with The Stones over Led Zeppelin. You cant really say “This band beats this band” thats just a matter of taste. For someone else, The Doors might be better than Led Zep.


The Rolling Stones are the greatest band of all time.


I have never liked The Rolling Stones but to each to his own as they say.


i cant get enough of them.


The Rolling Stones are the greatest band of all time.



who is better? wait let me guess the over rated pink floyd.


who is better? wait let me guess the over rated pink floyd.

How are they overrated?


there good with out a doubt but nothing mind blowing there ok and so many people think they are the greatest.