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Tarantino and Eli Roth bundle up, Icelandic style

The American movie directors Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth came to Iceland on Thursday December 27th to celebrate the new year. They may have read the weather forecast for new year’s eve, which happens to be rather bleak, as one of the first things they did was to go to the 66°North shop in Bankastraeti in downtown Reykjavik, and invest in some seriously warm and stylish outdoor clothes.

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Once more or are the last year’s news?

No, this is news from today (31st Dec 2007)

We know where theyre going. To that spot with the hot tub, hot chicks and the vodka stuff.

Googled and found a nice foto from their previous trip to Iceland:

and some more


Quentin’s face on the last picture lol

Ahah, awesome face ! Typical of him.

HA! that’s funny.

And Eli’s face in the last pic looks like he’s having an orgasm ;D

Haha, looks like the woman beside them can hold her liquor more than both of them combined! ;D

Interesting article about their trip this year. Those icelandic women can party, and QT is so smooth.

Iceland Review (1/5/08)

"In a crowded Reykjavík bar I sit by myself hunched over my notebook. I’m scribbling down notes on the masses of Icelanders out on the town in hopes of catching a glimpse of or meeting Quentin Tarantino.

A few years back Tarantino came over for New Year’s Eve in Iceland and he returned on the 27th of December 2007 for another round of waving the old year goodbye, Icelandic style. The frenzy was almost instant especially as he, and director Eli Roth (of Hostel fame) proclaimed they would be partying in town on the 28th and according to Icelandic news website,, were looking forward to checking out the womenfolk.

How interesting I thought as I sat scribbling at a table in one of Reykjavík’s many party hot spots, how the atmosphere changes when he is around. With a substantial fanbase in Iceland (myself included) people are drawn to him but at the same time there are people who dislike some of the things he has said about the country on return to the US.

The most prominent example derives from an appearance on the Conan O’Brien show in 2006 after his first New Year’s visit when he outlined that:

“I almost can’t imagine New Year’s anywhere else after that. Because like one: Icelanders, they go and they drink like crazy any old way, but on New Year’s, they lose their minds, in particularly the women lose their minds and like drink like crazy and I remember we were in this club with all these drunken girls, and this one girl was like you know, ‘Oh man, I’m so embarrassed about Icelandic women, they always go out, and they always drink way too much, and make complete fools out of themselves.’ Well right at the moment after she said that, a drunken girl walks by and does a face plant – BAM! – right in front of us.â€

Oh the pain, looking back at that moment! He walked up to me, asked me what I was writing and I am ashamed to admit I completely panicked, every ounce of cool or charming wit emptied my body and I just sat there while he stretched his arm around me smiling. I stuttered, fumbling over words and buckling underneath my utter adoration for his cinematic contribution to my life.

So even with all my criticism of celebrity worship I still acted like a bumbling fool. Maybe if I had had a drink I wouldn’t have been so nervous, but then, I don’t like to get drunk (stick that in your pipe and smoke it Oprah!)."

I can’t imagine myself just waiting for QT in a bar on New Year’s Eve all alone. But I totally understand that girl when she saw QT and how she became so stupid not knowing what to say and what to do, ahah.

Funn article, thx for sharing it :wink: