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Tarantino and Amsterdam

Hi everybody, I’m from Belgium (so sorry for my english).

During a trip in Amsterdam, I found The Cobra, the Coffee Shop near Ann Frank’s House (travolta and thurman speak about it in the film) and the Betty Boop but I don’t know the Name of the hotel where Tarantino would have written a part of the scenario (Pulp).

Could somebody help me?

Thank you very much.

IMDB also specifies that he left a bill of 150,- at the video store: “cult clash”. :smiley:

I also read this in an old copy of a dutch cult movie magazine called “schokkend nieuws”

It doesnt specify which hotel he stayed at…somehow I thought it was the Amstel hotel…but dunno why and I am 99% wrong on that.

I would like to know though…

OK, thank your for your answer. I keep you informed.