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Talk Politics Here

This is the new place to talk politics. What shall we discuss?

I wanna discuss that you’re a 14 year old and shouldn’t be allowed to bother intelligent people over the internet by your country’s politicians.

Why would you think that? You must be very disturbed.

I don’t know, how do you feel about pooping your pants on a daily basis only 12 years ago?

What are you talking about? I have no idea why you think im 14 and why you hate me so much.

Well I don’t hate anyone over the internet but I certainly didn’t like reading the retarded comments of the person I think you are. So, if you’re not, then you should just be yourself and that’ll prove me wrong.

We aren’t supposed to talk politics here anymore. At least, not out in the open like this. Sebby hates it. This thread will be deleted.

There was already a politics thread, no need to open a new one. I’ll look for the oldest one and merge this topic. It’s too early here, gotta be off to work in 30mins, can’t do it right now.

Wow, when we used to have a politics and religion board. Now a distant memory.