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Takeshi Kitano & his movies (single movie discussion - Asian board)

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  • Kid’s Return
  • Boiling Point
  • A Scene at the Sea
  • Sonatine
  • Getting Any?
  • Hana-Bi
  • Kikujiro
  • Brother
  • Dolls
  • Zatoichi
  • Too hard to decide

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Sonatine for me

has to be kikujiro for me

enjoyed the movie from beginning to ending

I still haven’t seen Violent Cop, Boiling Point, Dolls, or A Scene at the Sea…and i’m probably going to skip Getting Any? because I heard it wasn’t that good. But I don’t think anything will be able to top Sonatine. I have a special place in my heart for Brother (still haven’t seen uncut version) and Kid’s Return was great, but there’s something about Sonatine that makes me just want to watch it over and over and over forever.

Oh yeah, Zatoichi was the shit.

I’ve only seen Violent Cop,Boiling Point,Kikujiro,Brother,and Zatoichi.

kikujiro barely edges out Zatoichi.

hmm… I didn’t know we had this topic.

Hana-Bi is definitely my favourite. There’s still many Kitano films I haven’t seen, but I’m 99,9% sure none of them can top Hana-Bi. Because it is a perfect movie: 10/10.

I’ve seen Sonatine and Hana-Bi since then. I felt Hana-Bi would’ve been a better movie if it had straight, linear storytelling instead of Kitano’s usual jumpy style. Didn’t think that much of Sonatine.

kikujiro’s still my fav.

Sonatine all the way!

pure work of art…the scenes on the beach are magic…

i have seen them all, even Getting Any? and my favourite is Dolls. BUT before you get angry, it is not his best film. it is just my favourite for weird reasons.

If i had to say his best it would be among Hana-Bi, Sonatine, Kikujiro or Zatoichi (which actually turned out really well)

Violent Cop

i’ve only seen violent cop, sonatine, hana-bi and zatoichi

hana-bi’s my favourite

Kitano’s 10 favorite films:

1.Children of Paradise (1945, Marcel Carne)

2.2001: A Space Odyssey (1968, Stanley Kubrick)

3.A Clockwork Orange (1971, Stanley Kubrick)

4.Seven Samurai (1954, Akira Kurosawa)

5.To Live and Die in L.A. (1985, William Friedkin)

6.Wild at Heart (1990, David Lynch)

7.Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974, Sam Peckinpah)

8.Darkman (1990, Sam Raimi)

9.Crazy Thunder Road (1980, Sogo Ishii)

10.The Railroad Man (1956, Pietro Germi)

An Al Garcia fan! Sweet!

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How about rating and ranking Kitano’s films? Here’s my list:

  1. Hana-Bi - 10/10
  2. Dolls - 10/10
  3. Kids Return - 9/10
  4. A Scene at the Sea - 9/10
  5. Sonatine - 9/10
  6. Zatoichi - 9/10
  7. Boiling Point - 8/10
  8. Kikujiro no natsu - 8/10
  9. Getting Any? - 7/10
  10. Takeshis’ - 7/10
  11. Violent Cop - 7/10
  12. Brother - 6/10