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Take a look at this:

Tell me what you think after you take a look at this?

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^The dude that started this is a dumbass. ^

haha, let them, they know not better

Let them? ???

They’re motherfucking bastards!!!

That’s his opinion. Some people don’t like him and other are big fans. For him, people who said that QT is a genius are dumb people, like you when you said that he’s a fucking bastard because he don’t think QT is a genius. For my part, he’s a fuckin good director but not a genius.

For your information I said They’re not he’s. I didn’t say he was a fucking bastard for not thinking Q’s a genius. I think anybody’s is genius because if they truly were they would be putting there work into something like rocket science or brain surgery.

It’s suppose to be “I don’t think anybody is truly a genius…” .

Might as well close my stupid thread. ;D It’s useless.

What does anyone care? You like Tarantino, right? Well, they don’t. Just think of it this way: There will be one less bastard hogging up the theater when Q’s new movie hits.

Ok Cool.

Q cetainly isn’t a hack & he does not “steal” the stuff he puts in his movies.

Steal is a VERY harsh word.

wow, that mr zero cockboy is worse than greendestiny!

they are using the “only if you have great knowledge of movies, you know QT is a hack” strategy…

this suggest that:

  1. the poster is a great movie-intelligence vault
  2. if you like QT, obviously you dont know shit about movies, so I am always right loop hole…

    funny thing is that it doesnt matter if you’ve seen a gazillion movies or just QT’s… you can still like QT’s movies…and that’s what counts…

I agree.

I don’t know if I would say that QT is a genius. But he is a incredibly talented writer and director. He obviously knows what he is doing and has yet to bore his audience. How many directors can say that? Letterman introduced him on his show as a ‘legend in his own time’. I’ve been thinking about that and still don’t know if I agree. Granted, I don’t think his work will be forgotten during my lifetime, but does it have the stuff to be considered a true mark in cinema? Or to have a legacy like Elvis?

Yes I believe it does have the stuff to be considered a true mark in cinema.

I would call him legendary.Legendary being extremely well known; famous or renowned.

I’m a huge fan of films he’s involved with.I think they’re well made & LOVE them.

Quentin Tarantino is what some artists refer to as a magpie artist. He even acknowledges this himself in Kill Bill. anyway, before Tarantino came around and took scenes from other films and used everything pop culture to make something, there was nothing. To say he isn’t original is to say Shaquille O’Neal is Chinese. It’s an inane comment. He’s original in the sense that he created a whole new genre of film. It may not be recognized by every fucking human, but his genre is the film exploitation genre.

He makes the certain scenes his own. He certainly doesn’t plagiarize film though.

That discussion is great. Both sides put forward some valid arguments, they’re discussing the matter quite intelligently, it’s very interesting. There are some bullshit comments, but a lot of the arguments are expressed coherently. It’s not just:

Person A: QT is a thief

Person B: No he’s not, he’s a genius.

Person C: His films are shit

Person B: No, they’re brilliant. You just don’t understand, he has red apple cigarettes man, I mean come on, that’s genius in itself!

We should have more discussions like the one on that forum, a lot of people here present their opinion with very little else. We need more thought, facts and logic in our conversations/arguments.

no. just because