Haha, know what else Seb loves?



i’ll send out invitations! don’t think anyone will wanna do it though, too many have been hurt already! haha


Naaah, it’s gonna be fun :slight_smile:


hahah yeah sure :wink: theres a big risk it’ll just be the two of us though.


And lili of course!


ah yes! and all the people who will tell us a million times to get msn or something instead.


Ahah, invitations and reunion. Great idea. Send invitations, I’ll ask Tim too (but do send him to force him twice). I don’t think Bleach would like to come back here. I’ll ask him.

Edit : I don’t even think Tim would come to chat with Enzo ! After all those stuff between them…


Jolly good idea! :smiley:

Spamskar!! God Jul btw for the last 3 years!


Hey ! Great if we can all chat once here.


Haha yes, we just have to set a date :wink: I’m in!


I’m in too. Great to see both of you again online tonight !


Haha reading back to the good old days. Oh, and 200 pages damn


Haha yesss, it sure was fun! Not really any serious posts ever.


haha no… i miss the good old days


This could happen again, no serious business and all, though we’re not too many to think so. That’s why most of the cool members left. Like myself too, most of them entered the uni, were more busy. I wasn’t very active this summer, or even last year for two or three months when I moved in Paris.


yeah okay, i kinda left when i started high school 1½ year ago or so. no uni for me though, i’m definitely not smart enough for that. i see myself working in mcd eventually haha :wink:

but yeah it kinda sucked when everybody left, for a couple of months we had a great forum, then too many fucked up people and the awesome people leaving.


And there were too much arguments and weirs stuff happening between the cool members too. That’s why most of them didn’t appreciate the forum that much, got hurt or it jsut reminded them of bad stuff.


hehe yeah exactly. haha it was so much fun though, really too bad it ended this way. although i have nothing again anybody here, it just got boring when all those people did leave :frowning:


I totally understand, that’s why I posted less and less too, I was pretty bored. Serious discussions about movies I don’t like or new users arguying how fan of Tarantino they are, more than anyone else, blabla.



Plus anything going on in the last 3 years or so on here is talking about how crap the forum has become :stuck_out_tongue:

Downward spiral even in spite of IB coming out. Which I won’ t read in too much untill I have seen it.

The occiasional flame wars between pete and kilgore were fun though! Clash of the titans :stuck_out_tongue:

Lollo! You are crazy saying you aren’ t uni material! You are one of the brightest people I have met online!

And if you do go and work at mcd forever, at least make sure you become the burger queen and rule with an iron fist. These burgerssssssss are craaaaaazy. :angel:

When the world’s got you down

Rainy Sundays, sunny town

Tropicana, canned foods

Botulism, damaged goods

See the hipsters in the park

Hair so styled, clothes so dark

Prefab molded hamburgers

I don’t want a bite of yours

These burgers are crazy

These burgers are crazy

These burgers are crazy

These burgers are crazy

They don’t like you, never will

They slip you the happy pill

Assimilation, so they think

Send you to the naughty shrink

You just tell him lies, lies

Paranoia, bugs and flies

You don’t like them, never did

You don’t like them, never did

These burgers are crazy

These burgers are crazy

These burgers are crazy

These burgers are crazy