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Sundance Film Festival 2010

Is anyone going to Sundance this year? Seems like there’s gonna be some little jewels shown this year.

Given that I live in France and don’t have any opportunity/job that would offer me a spot at Sundance, I’ll have to wait for those movies by reading other people’s opinions.

Here is the films list, ranked from most to least popular:

Even in the case nobody from the QTA boards is going, I thought it was important to have a thread about one of the major film festivals out there. Use it to share your opinions, point out films you think we shouldn’t miss, etc.

I’m especially enthusiastic for The Runaways. I have watched a few Music videos by director Floria Sigismondi, and I have to say I like her style. Also, seeing how Dakota Fanning changed since War of the Worlds made me feel old haha. She’s only 15 and could pass for a 18 to 20 years-old, and she was so tiny and cute in the Spielberg movie, and it was only 4 years ago…

Also, we have to mention that Kristen Stewart (who played in Twilight), is also featured in this movie, and at least another one : Welcome To The Rileys (which explains why there are 20 fan made trailers for that movie on youtube, but no official ones yet :wink: ). She also played in Adventureland before engaging in the Twilight saga, so I’m not worried about her performance.

Enter the Void could very well be the first Gaspard Noé film I ever watch. The synopsis looks very interesting. Although, it seems it has already been shown in several festivals (Cannes and TIFF), and it was sort of a flop…But it’s Gaspard Noé, he must be the most controversial director that I’m aware of, so…who knows, opinions might change.

Adventureland was after the first twilight movie, actually.

she was exceptional in Cake Eaters.

Thanks for the head up, I’ll check out the new movies running in competition.

OH and F.W., still waiting for your review of Adventureland :wink:

i posted it, didn’t i?

[quote=“F.W.”]i posted it, didn’t i?[/quote]

Really ? Long time ago then, didn’t see it. I’m too lazy to look for it right now, I’ll do it later then.

[quote=“F.W.”]Adventureland was after the first twilight movie, actually.

she was exceptional in Cake Eaters.[/quote]

Yes, but did she have a part in the 1st Twilight or was it another girl? I remember reading something among those lines in some tabloid (yeah…:smiley:)


she was the lead, same as in the second one…

Ahaha, didn’t you know she was the main character ? ;D

She was Jodie Foster’s daughter in Panic Room too, right ? She used to be blonde and looking like a tomboy.

[quote=“cyber-lili”]She used to be blonde and looking like a tomboy.[/quote]

Jodie Foster did, yes! ;D

Ahah, Jodie Foster used to be a tomboy too BUT check out Kirsten Stewart in Panic Room if you’ve forgotten it :

haha, yeah I was joking. I just saw you posted “looks like a tomboy” and I said, “wait, Jodie Foster does too”. ;D